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In our society, the state of the environment influences the inhabitants because environment is one of the key determinants of the optimal health or well being. It includes the living and non living things that man have to interact with and which can influence his state of health.  

          A characteristics which has set man apart from other species has ability to control many aspect of his environment throughout recorded history, people continually struggled to manage their natural environment in order to improve their health and well being. The sanitary code of masses in the old testament which is as sound today as it was when written gave direction to people’s efforts, but it was not until the “sanitary awakening” following the industrial and scientific revolutions that major environmental control progress was made.

          There are variables in the environment that may influence man’s health and these include customs food, air, water, soil, chemical and industrial waste, micro organisms and other living things. Whether one will achieve the quality of his life and potentials passed to him by his parents depends to a large extent on his environment. If these variable and not favourably manipulated or controlled, they can cause environmental hazards.

Modern technology and increased out nation have done much to improve man’s quality of life. However, they also brought to manufacturing increased environmental hazards or problems when they are not properly disposed.

So, we intend to study manufacturing and his inter-relationship with his environment. The causes and effects of improper disposal of human waste in the environmenta especially Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.


Human waste seen around the environment of institute of management and technology Enugu is always an awful sight for one or visitor coming to the school for the first time, especially behind the hostels.

Dirty environment creates a bad image for any Institution no matter how high their academic perormed is, No one will like to live in an environment that is dirty and feel comfortable. Improper disposal of human waste has a serious adverse effect on the environment and Individual living in that environment.

The problem it has on the environment and Individual living in it are:


           Water is independence in our daily activities when this water contain impure substance and obstruct the grow of plants and animal and manufacturing, the water is said to be polluted. Water pollution is a very serious matter as our environment is concerned. Polluted crater contains harmful water borne diseases such as guinea warm, typhoid, ameobiasis etc. All these makes water until for drinking, kills aquatic animals which are used by manufacturing as foods eg fish.

Are these criticisms justified or are they just a mere rundown of baking industry because they are making profit in an era of economic slump.


Improper disposed human waste makes the environment to be dirty and unsatisfactory especially when it rains. The rain will make the environment to dump and unpleasant to walk upon smoothly. Human waste gives out offensives pengent odour and ugly sight which attracts insects which may pick up disease causing bacteria and carried by into human food.

          Old scrabs occupy land space and may pollute air in case of metal scraps having lead as imparity. Also non biodegradable recomposition of the soil. It also hampers the growth of plants where they are dumped in heaps.


The most important and most neglected item of sanitation is  the proper collection and storage of waster. The sanitary storage of waste is as important as the disposal. Improper storage can provide breeding founds for flies, mosquitoes, rodents, micro-organism and bacteria. This waste can later contaminate our food by transferring the genus and micro-organisms from the improper storage and causing disease such as gastro intestinal disease, typhoid, dysentery, cholera etc.

So, it is wise for every student to be careful in protecting of the food they eat.


The quality of our environment is determined by the intricate processes of the human race making a living and enjoying life. In that process, water food, lend and air are used in human activities. The changes produced during these use affect the health, comfort, esthetic sense, efficiency and capacity of people to attain. Satisfactory social adjustment. They are individually perceptible benefits or detriments.

Additionally, the use of the four essential for life affects the dynamics of all plant and animal life on earth, by altering the ecological balances. The methods of using land, water and air particularly as waste disposal sinks have impaired their quality so that these are no longer usable in some instance of our health needs and purposes.

The assessment of ecological changes and he beneficial use of our land, water and air resources requires collective wisdom. The rapid increase in the population of our students in the Institute of Management and Technology and accelerating improper disposal of human wastes are creating more widespread o diseases. Many students are unaware that they often abet the transmission of insect borne disease.

The temperature and humidity of our environment are such that they favour the production and survival of insects. Improper disposal of human waste can provide breeding grounds for insects (rectors) such as flies etc. These insects can later contaminate our food by transferring the germs and micro organism  to food due to improper storage and thus causing diseases.

Again, poor sewage disposal provides a breeding place for flies which can cause disease of gastro intestinal, typhoid, dysentery, cholera etc. These can be transferred to student because of unwashed hands, uncovered food sold by food handlers. Becreta and urine and insightly to be seen all over the environment because they produce or  emit pungent odour causing dissatification.

It is because of these problem that necessitated the writing of this thesis to suggest feasible solution to the identified problem.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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