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Because of the problem that arise from the above topic, therefore the researcher decided to conduct a detailed management research  on the above named topic in view of the working hours being wasted daily deliberately or as a result of certain factor in the both the economy

The human power or resources constitutes one of the essential factor or element of production in every organization. It therefore paramount for the management of all human resource to handle the issue of the management of with great care as labor create wealth as it co-ordinate the other factors production.

The expensive involves in labor paid to worker in term of wages and salaries either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis constitutes  a galloping amount in the profit and loss account of establishment or organization, care should be taken by the management to see that the amount been being paid out is fully compensated by the employee

Sometimes a problem exist a where worker do not stay on their duty post at the actual time stipulated, this kind of practice should be practice should be properly checked and controlled by management in other to achieved the organizational goals and objectives.


The act and practice of truancy are mostly observed in the public sector or organization sometime.

Workers do not stay on their duty post to actually exhaust the required number of times meant for the official work and thereby allowing the organization to make payment for work not done which would definitely affect the output or productivity the organization

It is in this view of this problem that the researcher has decided to take up this task to find out why junior worker do not stay in their job place to the require amount of time request by their employee the possible cause and how this can be corrected to avoid losses in term of productivity hours. The way to handle this ugly situation as regarding truancy in an organization


One does not need to be told the problem of faced by many organization workforce wise are those that are caused by the either the following parental factor such as economical, social, environment, or some other reason. Not until this problem is identified and talked with the appropriate management system. It would still pose a log in the wheel of progress of all organization faced by such problem.

Therefore those problem identified in the cause of this research are:

a)     why do worker leave their work place before the normal closing time hour?

b)     why has poor economic standard of junior worker cause them to be truant?

c)     what are the social factors that lead to truancy among junior workers?


The research work is conducted to:

                         I.      find out the reason workers leave their work before normal closing period of time

                      II.       to determined what is responsible for the this actions either social, economic or even environment factors

                   III.       To know whether truancy among junior worker is an outright negligence of duties or if this is caused by some factors as indicated above.

                  IV.      Ascertain the cost of action on the goal or objectives of this local  government Area (otukpo)

                     V.       To fore view  what possible  steps to take to stop or reduce truancy among junior workers


                   The research conducted can be of importance to various organization of either public or private ownership. And also it can be of information to academician  who are up coming to known the implication of truancy and the possible way to avoid it when they finally surface in organization.

The beneficiaries to this study can be listed via:

A.   local government area of any state within the country

B.   Private and public owned organization and other institution where truancy is recorded.

1.6     Scope and Limitation of Study

Although the problem of  truancy among junior worker is a national one, but due to financial and other constraints, the geographical average of the this a limited to Otukpo local government area only. This sampling is base on Otukpo l because Otukpo local in this country where the researcher intend to conduct his research finding and one where the researcher interest lies on most.

The department that are included among others in the finding are:- administration and general services departments and they are subdivided into; the council and general administration comprises of the following: office of the chairman, deputy chairman office, the secretary’s office, the speaker’s office, director of administration and general duties offices, head of personnel administration and council Hall other are:- finance department, Health and work and housing department

       Due to extensive coverage in this research cause as a result of lack of     finance,     sponsor e.t.c. it is the researcher wish that the recommendation contained in this research finding to form an  adequate representation of the remaining organization where truancy exist and are not researched into

       The time span for working days such as from Monday to Fridays started from 8am to 4pm daily. Some other department or offices commence work from 9am to 5pm daily, but expectation of Fridays which work terminate by 12noon due to religious observation of our Muslim brothers.

        The limitation of this research is base on the local government area of Otukpo Benue state. Inherently in all aspect of human endeavor are constraint which militate against this management research finding. Work however the recorded success is that the researcher succeeded in completing the management finding work while placed under the bound of these constraints.    


Truancy: somebody who is absent without permission or good reason, especially from work.

Work: duties of job or the duties that are part of a job or occupation

Management : is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individual working together in group efficiently accomplish selected aims.

Manager: somebody who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within it.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT:  is a political authority set up by a state as a subordinate authority for the the purpose of dispersing or decentralizing political power as well as promoting local initiative and responses to local need.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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