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Information, in recent time and in most organization and business places has a wide scale of importance, based 0n its (information) ability to control the in and out 0f the business. As it can be understood that information is a processed data or analysis in which conclusion can be reached in order to operate plan, and control the business. An office becomes very important sophisticated administrative centre when important facts are told, heard or discovered  Elendu, E. O (2001).

(Oxford 6th edition Dictionary).For the office work to remain essential to an enterprises operations, for the office to contribute significantly to the achievement of goals and to the success of the 0rganization, and for it to remain vital; it must deal with one of our greatest resources or instrument which is information.

The road since that information is essential to all levels of decision making process 0f any organization is not a hidden one, because without information the organization or the business can die. The success of any organization depends on how effective information comes in and goes out, with proper management. It can be agreed that the existence of modem business depends very much on information.  In modem business contract, reports are containing information which will enhance the successful operation of the organization. Activities in an organization can be evaluated or stopped by an office manager or secretary based on the straight of the information as it can be understood, is not only used in business places or organization alone, but it is also a real instrument to almost everything we do even to our personal affair, and relationship with people around us Mills, G. and Standingford O.(1978).

Information can be used in different levels such as; schedule of appointment with other organization; making 0f invoices by checking and communicating through the various computers and internets. Information is a universal tool which can be used to bring promotion and also to bring people from different places together. The storage retrieval and disposal of information is very essential and one need secretary to be careful with it as a secretary. Secretaries try to avoid the flood of irrelevant and unnecessary information. A problem sometimes arises on how to handle information for easy reference and what system to adopt for the storage. If having more information reduces risk and increases the chances of making a good decision then having all the information available changes every thing (Business by Pride, Hughes & Kapoor “Seventh Edition).


It was discovered that due to ineffectiveness and mismanagement of information by secretaries and office managers, in organizations, and the zeal to know and acquire the skill of effective management of information, certain problem has emerged. It is a pity that sudden awareness of the relevant and important of information management in an organization has resulted into keeping unnecessary and ineffective information that clog the communication channels of business which has impede the successful flow of useful information.

Proper management of information system was considered to be a rising concern in many organizations in River state. The high level of lose of important information that would have brought about transformation, reformation and careful dealing of employee problems, has become the talk of some vibrant business organization in the state.  This strategically is pointing out some problems faced in the office, when important decisions should have been taken, and proper information and documents are not available.

There is a common statement today among executives, which says that there is lack of information which acts as a guide for the implementation of projects which are beneficial to the organization. When there is lack of vital or the right kin durance that it can not aid of information.

When there is lack of vital or the right kind of information, there is an assurance that it can also result to poor planning and targeted goals can not be achieved as intended.  To ascertain the heights needed by capable office managers, one need to be more careful when it has to do with handling important information to avoid loos of information in organizations.


The aim of this study is to see how information can be properly managed by any one who serves in the capacity of a secretary or an office manager. Other sub aims are:

(1)     To find out if effective management of information leads to the achievement of organizational goal.

(2)     To find out if information management system adopted by an organization affects its success or contribute to it.

(3)     To explain if the information from all relevant sources enables management to make affective decision.

(4)     To examine the various types of information managed by     the secretaries and how information aid in the effective management of an organization.


The following questions were designed by the researcher to enable her reach conclusions through the responses that will be given to it by professionals and practitioners.

(1)     How does effective management of information mean successful achievement of the organizational goals?

(2)     Does information management system adopted by an organization affect its success or it contributes it.

(3)     To what extent do information from all relevant sources enables management to make effective decision?

(4)     What are the various types of information managed by secretaries, and how do they aid effective management of the organization.


One important significance of this research is to enlighten different organizations on the importance and inevitability of effective information management, and therefore encourage them to adopt the appropriate method of handling information coming and going out of the organization.

This study will also be of great value to every office manager, employees, young and professionals secretaries, giving them good office practice and managerial skills to execute their duties with at lest 95% perfectivity. There could be a slow down in business transaction if there is no good management of information in the organization. Good information and its usage can also reduced loss of time and man power.


Secretary: Is a person whose work consists of supporting      management; executives and office heads to send out or receive correspondence, keep records, making of appointments using variety of project management, communication organizational skills.

Information: information is the behaviour initiative stimuli     between a sender and a receiver, information is in the signs that are sometimes coded representation of data.

Organization: A body of people working together for a purpose within a short or long period of time.

Management: An individual or group of persons engaged or responsible in managing a business.

Office Managers: Assistants employed to serve as                                              secretaries.

Office: An 0ffice is a place in which business clerical and professional activities take place. It is philosophically referred to as the mid wife to all organizations.

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