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Relevance of marketing information system in the achievement organizational objective is focus of the research study Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Owerri a case study, special interest is cede on the view of management and staff o the organization of role of marketing information system (MIS) in (NBC) and also effect on the function of the organization from planning, organizing to decision making total of eight copies of the questionnaire given out for the reveal of data from the chapters.
1. In chapter one, the background of the study research question, significant and scope of the study and the limitation.
2. In chapter two various literatures which are relevance to the topic under study were thoroughly and adequately reviewed to meet the demand of the project work.
3. The third chapter contains the research methodology and chapter for the facts collected were analyzed and the bouleys formula was used to calculate their sample size.
4. The major finding among others are that must people interviewed believed so much in the relevance of marketing information system (MKTS) achievement of an organization.


Marketing information system is the process of gathering information to learn about something that is not fully known. It is also includes all the data, in terms of facts opinions, views, guideline and policies which are necessary to make vital marketing decisions, the data is collected from customer. Competitors company sales forces and other staff. Government sources specialized agencies and sources.
Marketing information system provide relevant reliable and required information in respect of business environment both internal and external environment. And it is vital for successful decision making. Marketing information system helps to recognize marketing trends. The changing trends may be in respect of prices, product, design packaging promotion schemes etc and managers can take effective decision in respect of price, product, design etc. in response to changing trend in the environment.
Marketing Information System help achieving the organization decision making in every aspect of marketing, there is need to make constant correct decision properly designed, marketing information system promptly supplies reliable and relevant information, with the help of computers and other data processing equipment. The marketing managers can make the right decision at the right time.
Marketing information system provides marketing intelligence of the events that are happening in the external environment. E.g. changing in customer taste, expectation, competitors’ strategies, government policies, international environment with the help of marketing information system organization specialist.
It is possible to collect marketing intelligence which is vital to make effective marketing decision.
Marketing information system facilitates marketing planning and control. It required in terms of product planning, pricing, promotion and distribution. Such planning will be possible only if the company is possessing adequate and relevant information objective.
Marketing information system organization take quick decision for the purpose, it requires fast flow of information which is facilitated by a properly design. Marketing information system timely supply of marketing information management can make quick and effective decision.

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