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            The study towards the public relation Techniques for marketing Air Transport service in Nigeria (A case study of executive Air line service)

            The objectives of the study among others includes.

To determine thee impact of public relation on increase customers patronage.

To know how public relation helped in proving communication between people and organization.

To find out 18 public relation attention of airline come impacts on its profit based on this three hypothesis were formulating each focusing on impact of specific public relations.

Information sources, extensive literature; journals, text books and materials of the area of study reviewed.

Primary data were sources from respondent comprising relevant staff and management of executives Airline services.

Data collected were presented on statistical tablets analyzed and interpreted

            Based on their analysis some of the following findings were made.

            In the view of the above finding some of this measurement were obtained.

Organizations including Airline should integrate plc in their marketing programme for better perform.


Public relation has because a portent marketing tool in modern business management in recent times its influence is being felt on both  big and small firms with the influence of even expansion it is important to management organization including Air line services to understand its potential and limitations.

Nwokoye (1984:212). Defined public relations as the activities of co – operative, unions, Government   their organization in building and marketing sound and productive relations with special public such as customers, relations employees or stock holders and with public at large so as to adopt itself to it environment and interpret itself to society.

Busch and Houston (1995: 2000) noted that public relations is management function which evaluate public attitude, Identifies policies and procedures of an individual or an organizations with the public interest and executes a programme of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

Public relation management directs responsibility because business can only survive by virtue of continuing public approaches with public sentiment. Nothing can fail without it nothing can succeed”.

(Smitt Kogamm 1977:2 quoting Abraham Lanolim public relations is aimed at making friends for the organization and building internal good- will on the reasonable assumption that those strongly needed for an organization to remain in business and make profit with the increase in the activities of organization .  The need for an adequate communication between the organization and those who in out way or the other are affected by these activities of the organization because of more imperative. An organization while wanting to remain variable, need to have good relations with its employees, consumers/customers of its products and services, future investors, stock holders and the general public.

As an organization specialized in manufacturing or offering service, its needs to show its station existing or potential customers that is up to data, toward looking, concerned to produce and offer the best good and services for the price it charge and make sure that its customers are satisfied

Edoga and Ani (2001:287) noted that a company  should deliberately plan and execute a continues public relations programme to develop a good relation between it and the various public amongst other objective that are being sought with public relation.

A poorly managed organization will find it fruit to attempt to gain a favourable reputation through public relation programme, spending large sums of money in other promotional strategies like advertising  propaganda or publicity did not substitute for good public relations.

An organization including that of Air ling industry does not need to mount costly is recognized. The organization first of all has to continue its customers that it can be retired, on make them feel at home and hence system a friendly utmost sphere. Once consumers supplies and other find out that employees do not care for their interest they will give up their patronage to another public relation is a step child of marketing and its roles in organization can never be overemphasized.

Manufactures and producers of goods and services are now aware that public relations does not only insure good insure good relation with the public but can strive towards the profit making through increased customers patronage.

It is in the light of the important attached to public relations that the researcher seeks to examine.

Public relation techniques for marketing air transport services in Nigeria.


A good corporate image is usually regarded to be essential for the existence of an organization the success or failure of Cooperation depends on its relationship with its public consumers, employees’ stock holder. Government community distributor, supplier and others.

This organization just like every other governmental organization and private organization, the don’t care attitude of government properties has taken its tools on staff of the organization and its responsibilities, most of the people in Enugu State and aware of their products and services. May people that go to make inquires and up being instead by the staff. The out of stock and man know man syndrome that characterizes government owed Institution equal effects Air line. 

All this ill treatment has resulted to negative attitude to patronage of this organization in Enugu State.  In the view of this fall in patronage and negative attitude. The researcher try to finds out how public relation can be use to improve Air line service / product, in this study the researcher critically examine the public relation techniques for marketing Air transport services in Nigeria.


Most of the people do not patronize government organization like EALS as expected. This fact may be accounted by the level of public relations as practiced by the organizations in view of this the following objectives were set out.

To find out whether the Airline services have been able to create awareness about services through the use of public relations.

·         To find out the level of attention given to people by Airline services.

·         To find out whether the organization have good relationship with the press.

·         To determine the impact of public relations on consumer patronage.

·         To find out how effective public relation tools are in modifying consumers attitudes towards the Airline services.

·         To know how public relation helped in improving communication between people and the organization.

·         To recommend solution to problems of public relations identified.


Taking the identified problems of the researcher into consideration, the following hypotheses have been formulated for testing.

            HYPOTHESIS  1

Ho:      Most of the people in Enugu State are not aware of the product and services of Airline.

Hi:       Most of the people in Enugu State are aware of the product and services of Airline.

            HYPOTHESIS 2

The      relationship between the organization and the public is poor.

Hi:       The relationship between the organization and the public is not poor.

            HYPOTHESIS 3

Ho:      Public relationship activities of Airline services does not lead to increased customers.

Hi:       Public relation activities of leads Airline services to increase customers patronage.


Ho:      Customers are not satisfied with the public relations activities of Airline services

Hi: Consumers are satisfied with the public relations activities of Airline services.


The most outstanding hope of this study is that its findings will be immense benefit to employees and employees of labour including government workers who way not have had a course in public to help practicing managers especially those who are in none Government organization and similar field.

The study also given an insight into the problems and practice of public relations in none government organization. The study will help the organization of none government organization to know where they are lacking in providing public relations amenities for improved performance. The study will act as a source of literature review for readers and researchers in a related field.


This study is on public relation techniques for marketing Air transport service in Nigeria. The study covered on public relation activities of executive Airline service in Nigeria within Enugu metropolis.


PUBLIC:– any group has interest or impact on a company to achieve its objectives.

IMAGE:-        Mental picture or idea, view, opinion of something such as service or product held by the public.

MARKETING:- The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably .

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