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The only way people can maximize benefit of limited resources to their reach is by self-reliance. Therefore there is need for people to use co-operative societies to achieve these. The project seeks to identify how cooperative societies can be used as means to alleviate poverty in Kaduna South LGA. Four cooperative societies and their members were used to buttress the point. Poverty is on the rampage, thus the need to stamp or alleviate is a welcome development. Primary and secondary data were used in collecting data. In the findings, the cooperative societies have alleviated poverty in Kaduna South Local Government Area by measures of their activities in and around the territories. 
It also noted that they encountered some difficulties in carrying out their activities, among which is poor management. Recommendation were made in respect of the problems they are facing and avenue they can improve the lives of persons in Kaduna South LGA. It is particularly recommended that persons in positions of authority should be people with impeccable character and hardworking. Cooperative societies need and since funds from external sources are difficult to obtain members should be encouraged to make special savings so as to enable the societies mobilize more funds from internal sources Also persons who join cooperative societies in must be prepared to do work with others to achieve the societies set objectives and must also be prepared to display transparent honesty when dealing with fellow cooperative and societies.

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