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The term culture has been defined differently by different people. The different definitions attached to culture are based on the different in the orientation of people. According to Ekeh (1989) culture is construct use in an attempt to analyze and integrate event and ideas in broad spectrum of area of society. Obiora (2002) say the transformation of culture is gradual and not sudden. He further contends that culture is a continuous process of change. It charge exactly the same way as the human being change. It is dynamic, learned, acquired, transmitted or diffused through contact or means of communication flow from generation to another. The Nigerian culture is observed to be fading out as a result of the acceptance and adaptation of the modernists solution onto undevelopment.

  • Statement of the Research Problem

Television programmes are said to influene the perception attitude and the belief system of many either negatively or positively with the drifting tendency of this generation to tilt towards trend of events and western culture, alongside the lack of better culture orientation in our society today which has left us with cultural gap between the order generation and the new generation as well as man and woman it become partinet that each researcher examine how Esa Iban  programme can be used to influence a better cultural orientation especially of Ibibio culture.

  • To find out whether Nsit Ibom residents view NTA programme “Esa Iban”.
  • To find out whether the NTA – Uyo programme “Esa Iban” has cultural Content.
  • To ascertain if the programme “Esa Iban” influences the cultural orientation of Nsit Ibom
  • What is the level of viewership of the NTA programme “Esa Iban” by Nsit Ibom resident?
  • Does the NTA – Uyo programme “Esa Iban” have any cultural content?
  • Does the NTA – Uyo programme “Esa Iban” influence the cultural orientation of Nsit Ibom residents?

The study is focusing on Nsit Ibom Local Government Area as a case study without limiting this scope, the scope would be too long thus cumbersome. Therefore, to ensure an unbiased and objective research work, the study will be limited to the people of Nsit Ibom who view the NTA – Uyo programme “Esa Iban”.

  • Significance of the Study

The study would be of immense importance to both the government and the media houses in the state especially in regulating guidelines that will help in the production of  programmes especially in the area of protecting and promoting our cultural heritage. The study will also serve as research materials to students who might want to research into this area.

There were a number of challenges that militated against the study. The primary challenge was the researcher’s limited knowledge of the area. The unwillingness of the people in these area to serious issues of course the issue of financial constraint was another major challenge. There were other minor challenges such as time constraint and non accessibility to materials.

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