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Broadcasting has been at forefront of many technological changes, mostly in digitalization and enhancement of existing technology. For example, digital technology now permits listeners to obtain traffic information and news, while listening to cassette, compact disc or radio station etc. (church Akpan, 2006).

We are all living in a changing world, and over the past many years, we have been conditioned to accept changes in the way we think and relate. Thus, communication between people of the world, which sounded utopist before is now becoming a reality in our very eyes giving practical meaning to marshal moitohan’s view of the world and a global village, interlinked by communication technologies, (Mc Lucan, 1964 P47).

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are electronic machines and devices. Their application have both computing and communication capabilities. They range from physical devices like digital cameras, scanners, mobile phone, etc. to cyber space the internet software teleconferencing, satellite etc. Their application is broad and cuts across all interpersonal and mass  communication, media, giving power, robustness and veracity to their operations and performances more than ninety years after the world’s first broadcasting station were pounded, radio is still the most persuasive, accessible, affordable and flexible mass media available in cities, urban towns and rural areas. It is often the only mass medium available to majority of the people. The application of information and communication technologies into broadcasting especially radio broadcasting is therefore designed to boost and enhance qualities of broadcasting programmes. It is also believed that the business of radio broadcasting has been elevated with information and communication technologies application.

This informs why this project is undertaken with a view of finding out what information and communication technologies have on broadcasting, taking the Atlantic Fm, Uyo, as a reference point.

Today, with the addition of the profile making the business of radio broadcasting, news and other programmes are seen as products, which have to be package well. Atlantic Fm, Uyo, is a newly established radio station, in Akwa Ibom State.

However, it is certain that it applies information and technologies in broadcasting.

Thus, this research seeks to find out the impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on radio news reporting.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

  • To ascertain the types of ICT in use in Atlantic Fm Uyo.
  • To find out the extent to which ICT is applied in broadcasting.
  • To find out impact of information and communication technologies on the output of broadcast reporting in Atlantic Fm, radio Uyo.
  • What types of ICT are available in Atlantic Fm Uyo?
  • What is the extent of the application of information and communication technologies in broadcast reporting of Atlantic Fm Uyo?
  • How has the ICT affect the output in broadcasting?

The scope of this work is limited to the impact of information and communication technologies on radio news reporting, using Atlantic Fm Uyo as a study area.

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