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This study examines the impact of workers and management relationship on job performance. The objective of this study was to see how the organization would work with employee of the organization to improve workers performance by increasing the productivity for member of the labour force. In the course of the research, hypothesis were formulated and tested, data were gathered from primary and secondary sources, questionnaires were designed, administered and retrieved and interview was conducted on the respondents. Simple percentage and chi-square were used to analyze data and test hypothesis. It is in view of this that recommendations made was hat workers should be given the opportunity in goal setting decision in the organization, also, workers should be given the chance to relate freely with the management of the organization.




Social business and industrial organizations have become very complex. This complexity ranges from the nature, sources and utilization of financial, human and material resources. Rapid operational and technical policy changes to increase professionalization of management, unionizing of labour and growing unpredictability of clientele. There is therefore an increasing need for effective management in the workplace.

It has therefore become necessary for both management and labour as separate bodies to understand the nature, uses, control and application of managerial strategies and techniques to attain and maintain efficiency in the organization and some level of prestige in the society.

Since Edo State Library Board is one of the government parastatals and also a unit of employment in the economy, it is therefore a good example in areas such as employment policies, staff behaviours or practices and labour management. It should therefore be clear to State that it is one of the employer of labour that provide a good condition of service to its employees and of most importance, it is an organization where staff or workers and management relations has direct bearing on job performance and productivity. Good staff and management relations encourages organizational harmony, foreign investment, high workers morale, high productivity and peaceful atmosphere to settle conflict if there is any and better human relations.


In view of the unhealthy industrial relations, incessant disputes in the organization that is being necessitated by the lack of sufficient understanding of the views of the different parties involved, it could rightly be asserted that the significance technological and financial problems resulting to lack of working materials in the modern libraries are great but none of these is more challenging than the complexity of understanding people, their needs as relating to them in wages that could lead to successful achievement of organizational objectives.

This study therefore focuses on the extent to which staff management relations influences the job performance in the Edo State Library Board of Edo State, Nigeria.

Attempt will be made to provide answers to the following questions.

a.                 To what extent do management and non-professional staff enjoy good relation in the establishment?

b.                 How do disciplinary procedures, pay system and staff education affect job performance?

c.                  How do staff management relations in Edo State Library Board meet professional and non-professional deeds in the establishment?

d.                 Is there any different between job performance of the professional and non-professional in the establishment?


The following are the research questions formulated based on the objectives of the study.

1.                 Does good staff and management relationship bring about increase in job performance in an organization?

2.                 Is there any strong relationship between good management and workers to put their best effort to work?

3.                 Does work go on smoothly in the organization and there is no disobedience and absenteeism in the organization?


1.Ho: Good staff and management relationship will not bring about increase in job performance in an organization.

Hi: Good staff and management relationship will bring about increase in job performance in an organization.

2.Ho: Good staff and management relationship does not energize the workers to put their best effort to work.

Ho: Good staff and management relationship energizes the workers to put their best effort to work.

3.Ho: Work will not be going on smoothly in the organization and there will be disobedience and absenteeism in the work place.

Hi: Work would be going on smoothly in the organization and there will be no disobedience and absenteeism in the work place.


This research work is done to see how the organization would work with the workers (employees) of the organization to improve employee’s performance by increasing the productivity for member of the staff. This would be done by the organization maintaining good relationship between management and the employee in order to get the best performing from the workers (employees). There are some strategies which the organization will employ. These include good working space, clean environment, employee education and training facilities, leave of absent for educational courses especially in the field of library science.

In service training is given to workers to be trained as professional libraries. Budget is allocated for vocation training special training and counseling for disadvantaged employees.

These include civil service examination for clerical worker from 04 to 07 staff (employee) of the organization.

Employees heath safety and hospital claims for those who are sick.

There is also the provision of regular payment, promotion, better salaries and wages. All these are source of motivation to the employees and it will bring about increase in job performance for staff (employee).


This study is limited to Edo State Library Board, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The researcher will study the staff and management relationship as it affects staff of Edo State Library Board, Benin City. How this relationship affects the job performance of the workers will be examined.


The essay will be beneficiary to the people in Edo State Library. The findings and recommendations of the essay, it is believed to be of immense benefit and assistance to the management and staff in sensitizing them to engage in effective training. It is hoped that the research work in completion will serve as a reference material for further writers who may have interest in the same area of study.


It is a common knowledge that every researcher conducting research into any specific problem or situation is bound to face some limitations arising from several factors.

There is the lack of funds to collect relevant data through possible means available such means include existing literature relevant to the chosen problem.

There is no sufficient time to produce a very thorough and comprehensive work on the chosen topic. One semester alone is not sufficient to do research work of between ten thousand to sixteen thousand workers.

In addition to the above problems is the problem of the respondents negative attitude to the questionnaire. The respondents are not willing to give their best answers to the questions they are asked. Either because of fear of their job being terminated or because of lack of knowledge.


For the purpose of clarity and avoidance of conceptual ambiguity carried out below are some basic definitions of terms and concepts that will be use in this study.

Board: This is a group of people selected from outside the organization to make rules and to take important decisions for the organization.

Employees: These are the people paid for the work of an organization.

Job: This is a kind of work a person engages in order to make a living.

Library: A room or building containing books that can be browsed or borrowed, consulted for reference purpose.

Management: These are the people of higher cadre who take decision based on the laid down rules and regulations. They are also in charge of supervision and control of the organization.

Organization: This is a group of people who work together for the purpose of achieving a common goal.

Relationship: This is the way in which two people or groups behave towards each other e.g. we have a good relationship with the manager or the way workers behave towards their subordinates in the working place.

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