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This study is set out to discover the extent at which human resources available in the teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools within Nigeria Educational system is utilized, or otherwise within the case study of Yewa North Local Government area in Ogun State. The study used survey sampling techniques to determine the extent of human Resources Management with a targeted population of selected secondary schools with the use of questionnaire items distributed as the instrument to collect data. Findings from this analysis revealed how Human Resources Management in teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools is handled towards achieving educational goals and objectives. Therefore, all personnel involved in Human Resources Management are recommendation for a better result oriented educational services in junior secondary school and Human Resources Management should be centered towards ensuring the functions of both long and short term manpower plans.



1.1    Background to the Study

Resources from Educational perspectives connote all things in the school that may be used to help and facilitates teaching or learning. They include, human, financial and physical resources.

The human resources of a secondary school like any other formal organizations irrespective of type and size consist of individuals engaged in any of the schools activities regardless of their level of placement.

The academic and non-academic staff and students are necessary irradiant in the achievement of goal and objectives of the school. This indicate that people are indispensable that no school or organization exists to achieve optimum desired results without Human Resources Management.

This course depends on how well managed the staffs are relate to other resources in the production process. As evidence, Graham (1990) opined that Human Resources Management   in the teaching and learning of social studies is the management of people work and their relations within the school system. The aim of such management may not far-fetched, essentially, it is to bring together and develop into effective organization, the works are having regard for their well-being to enable them contribute efficiently to success of the school.

1.2              Statement of the Problem

Despite the availability of other resources in the school system, Human Resources are very important and necessary to develop and manage effectively towards the achievement of the stated objective of teaching and learning of social-studies towards educational goals.

Human Resources in Secondary schools involves the principal, vice-principal, teachers, students and other non-teaching staff within the school system at secondary level.

Secondary Education produces middle level manpower, which is very essential to the nation’s economic development. In order to achieve the desired objectives of secondary Education and have much needed quantitative manpower, teachers of social studies who are Human Resources as well as other human being in the school needed to be well managed to become effective.

In the light of this, attempt is to be made in the course of this project work on how government, principals, stakeholders in education at secondary level and all interested individual are to develop new strategies and make use of the existing ones (such as in-service training, conferences, seminars and workshops) meaningful to enhance effectiveness in Human Resources Management in the teaching and learning of social studies in secondary school.

1.3              Research Questions

This project work shall answers the following questions:

i.                    Does the government play a significant role in Human Resources Management?

ii.                  Is human resources a needed resources in school?

iii.                Does human resources management knowing teacher’s effectiveness in the teaching and learning of social studies?

iv.                In what ways can human resources management in the teaching and learning of social studies before best achieved?

v.                  What is necessary in Human Resources Management in secondary school?

1.4              Significance of the Study

This research work peeps into the concept of Human Resources Management in secondary school. Education which is seen as a process through which the human resources of nations are developed, the content of this work shall be of great significance because it is an attempt to explain the concept of Human Resources Management effectiveness and development. As a very important resources among others that are needed to achieve educational goals, the available human resources in the teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools makes the affairs of such teaching and learning process to be well-planned, executed and evaluated. The management of effective and efficiently makes it the greatest assets of any organization, firm, industry, town or country. In schools, development and progress that will tend toward the achievement of educational objective can only be assured when various methods and strategies available for effective Human Resources Management are put in place. Moreso, this project work shall be instrumental to the Association of Social Studies Teachers, as it shall carefully designed to take good care of optimum utilization of every facts and findings that will expose all and sundry to nook and crannies of Human Resources Management in the teaching and learning of Social Studies in secondary school.

1.5              Scope of the Study

In scope, the study shall cover targeted-population of the available Human Resources within the area of interest; the case study area of Yewa North Local Government area shall be inquired upon the topic under study, taking in to considerations of the social studies teachers in the secondary schools within the area.

1.6              Definition of terms

Management: The act of running and controlling a business or similar organization

Resources: A supply that a country, organization or a person has and can be used especially to increase their wealth

Human Resources: Something that can be used to help in achieving an aim especially a book, equipment etc that provide information for the teaching and learning process

Efficiency: The quality of doing well within, no waste of time or money

Effectiveness: ability to check the performance of the security system.

Motivation: it is a process of helping person to achieve her aim and objectives

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