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The research study investigated and identified the factors responsible for the declining standard of Secondary Education in Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara state. A self developed questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. It was discovered that in adequate number of qualified teachers and professional teachers is responsible for the declining standard of education. Other factors are: Lack of proper guidance to the students by the concerned authority on the procedure of writing examination, in adequate of recommended text books, lack of school laboratories, and lack of school library. It was suggested that government should provide adequate well-trained and professional teachers, allow teachers to go for in-service training for the development of their skills, encouragement of teachers for the participating in WAEC and NECO marking panels, enough instructional materials should be provided, they would enhance good performance and bring about declined standard.



1.1         Background to the study

There has been a growing interest in recent years over the performance of students in Nigerian schools and this has generated a lot of concern about standard of education in the heart of many people.

Ukeje (1976) defined education as a process a product and discipline. He maintained that, as a process education is responsible for both the transmission and transformation of the cultural heritage of a people; as a product, it can result in constructive and destructive tendencies and as a discipline, it is concerned with what to teach, how to teach, and the purpose of teaching. Education is a continuous process of learning which begins at birth and continues till death.

A comparative study of the educational development of yester – years and that of contemporary time would portray that there is a great disparity as regard the performance of student at the secondary school level in the past and present. The market is difference in the poor quality and student academic performance in the present day secondary schools in general perfective is seen in education field as the declining in standard of education.

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