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This is a descriptive research study on Environmental Hygiene and Health Status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. This study aimed at examining how regular disposal of waste can affect the health status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. To assess the availability of sanitation facilities and its effect on health status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. To examine the availability of regular water supply and its impact on health status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. The target population for the study was two thousand  stall owners in Akpan Andem Market, Uyo while the accessible population was 100 respondents which were drawn using Simple Random Sampling Technique to participate in the study. Data were collected using questionnaires comprising of 21 items. Data obtained were analyzed using percentages and frequency which were presented in tables and charts. The findings of the study revealed that 95% of the respondents linked Diarrhea, catarrh, cough, malaria, cholera with lack of environmental hygiene due to inadequate sanitation facilities, irregular water supply and irregular waste disposal system. From the findings, the researcher concluded that if sanitation facilities, regular water supply and proper waste disposal system are made available in Akpan Andem Market, environmental hygiene and health status of traders will be improved. The researcher therefore recommended among others that government and management of Akpan Andem Market should provide the necessary sanitation facilities such as adequate water supply, good toilet facilities and disposal system and effective drainage system. This will improve environmental hygiene and minimize serious health problems among traders in Akpan Andem Market.

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