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It is difficult to imagine for any community that does not require one people to interact with other people. People in a community likely use interpersonal communication every day to handle complaints, misunderstanding, conflicts etc.  from their indigenes, to persuade their superiors to give you some time off, or to comfort other people dealing with difficult problems. Interpersonal communication in recent years has been consistently placed high as an important requirement for conducting successful community development. This is why companies and institutions put a high importance on interpersonal communication [1] . The study of different forms of communication is important, because communities are faced with challenges and situations that involve some form of direct as well as indirect communication.

Whether making decision, settling conflicts in community, planning strategies for community development etc. each individual involved communicate with and through other people. This implies that every person’s communication skills affect both personal and community development [2] . It looks reasonable to determine that one of the most impeding forces to community development is a privation of effective communication.[3] Moreover, good interpersonal communication skills are very important to communities leaders. [4] This paper tries to better understand how interpersonal communication can improve the functioning and development of a community. To begin, the paper describes what is meant by the interpersonal communication, organizational effectiveness and then discusses how interpersonal communications affects the different elements of community development.

There are many kinds of communication. We distinguish one type of communication from others based on the number of persons involved, the formality of the interaction, and the opportunity to give and receive feedback. For example, since intrapersonal communication occurs when you think or talk to yourself, it requires only a single communicator—you! In contrast to intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication is the ongoing, ever-changing process that occurs when you interact with another person, which is defined as two people communicating with each other. Both individuals in a dyad share the responsibility for determining the nature of a relationship by creating meaning from the interaction. Thus, anytime we communicate with another person, whether a friend, parent, coworker, or employer, we are communicating interpersonally.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

A community cannot function well without a social activity which is not easy to achieve without interpersonal communication. As it is with all social activities, organization cannot run well without effective interpersonal communication. For a community like Abak LGA, Akwa Ibom state to recognize its set goals and peaceful co-existence there must be rich and free drive of interpersonal communication, operative communal objectives will be achieved also if these obstacles are met and face-to-face interface is the most advantageous to the people in the community than the written documents. Interpersonal communication has the advantage of providing feedback and the opportunity of understanding to those involved.

  1. To identify ways interpersonal communication has influenced community development in Abak LGA.
  2. To assess the impacts of interpersonal communication in dissemination of information in Abak LGA.
  • To examine the extend interpersonal communication has influenced community development in Abak LGA.

1.4     Research Questions 

  1. What are the ways in which interpersonal communication has influenced community development in Abak LGA?
  2. What are the impacts of interpersonal communication in dissemination of information in Abak LGA?

iii.      What is the extend interpersonal communication has influenced the community development in Abak LGA?

1.5     Scope of the Study 

The research on the effectiveness of interpersonal communication on community development covers all the impacts of interpersonal communication in Abak LGA.

1.6     Significance of the Study

This study at the end will be valuable material to the general public as it will bring out a true picture of interpersonal communication on community development.

The study will also enlighten community leaders and indigenes on the for good interpersonal communication to therefore reduce inter-personal conflict and rumour mongering and create an open community in the interest of developing creativity and self-control among the indigenes.

Again this study will be important to Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The study will provide relevant information to assist in community development.

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