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The research work, design and implementation of Hostel booking management system designed a system that helps to check ,record and analyses  both staff and customer information. The designed system help to eradicate cases of pilferage, unauthorized access, double file, etc. the software is developed on direct data capture machine (DDCM) which was mounted at major center of Winika Hotel, Gboko.  The system also includes upgrading and updating the manual method by providing a computerized database for the hotels booking and management system.


1.1Background of the Study

The importance of computer and its application have been recognized globally. The impact computers to the society have been felts in hotels booking system.

Computer booking system (CBS) has brought a lot of change improvement and efficiency in hotel operation.

There is a great need for an easy quick, reliable and information system to aid the traveler in planning their vacation. Shelter is one of their basic necessity of life individuals need a place to stay at all times ranging from a business man who travel from one place to another in the course of their business to student who goes to study away from his home. Different professionals travel out of their domain in other to achieve   certain aims and objectives such as tourism.

A hotel can simple define as a building or a place for the great to receive room and stay for short period of time, also a place of refreshment, entertainment and protection of the visitors.

In many states or countries however a hotel and motel are defined based on their status. Hotel and other accommodation are as diverse as many family and business travelers they accommodate.

Establishment varies greatly in size and in the service they provided. Hotels and motel comprise the majority of establishment and tend to provide more service than other lodging place. Most hotels and motals are commercials properties that cater mainly to business people, tourist and other travelers who need accommodation for a brief stay. A small, but growing of luxury hotel chains also manage condominium until in combination with their transient rooms, provide both hotels guest and condominium owner with access to the same service amenities.

Larger hotels and motals often have banquet halls and spacious ball rooms to accommodate conventions, business meeting, wedding reception and other social gatherings conventions and business meetings are major sources of revenue for the hotel and motels.

There are some laid down principles regulating each room that can be occupied by each quest.

Hotels booking and management system in Winika Gboko start from issue of ticket to interested customers. Customers having obtained ticket on payment of stipulated fees complete and return the ticket to the hotel. The Winika Hotel now sorts the ticket according to the types of room you want and send to the various units in the hotel for processing. The customers are select based on the service needed.

1.2Statement of Problem

Although the administrative section of Winika Hotel Gboko has been handling the hotel booking system is significant. It will aid in checking or solving the following problems.

i.Manual system if of time consuming and involved too much labour before the booking list is finally released.

ii.Loss of the complete ticket as a result of mishandling in the case of transfers of document (records)

iii.Duplication of records where the customers may wish to purchase more tickets for other customers.

iv.Check guest customers which are not easily detected.

1.3Aims and Objectives of the study

The major aims of this study are develop software system that will help in reducing labour and replacement of manual method used in booking rooms for guest. Other aims and objectives of the work are to provide to;

i.Easy retrieved and storage of data and information

ii.Daily count of guest that arrive and departure from hotel

iii.Daily weekly and monthly summarizes of guest booked, arrived and departed from Winika Hotel Gboko.

iv.Improved data management efficiency through the elimination of data redundancy.

1.4Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to improve the operational efficiency of Winika Hotel Gboko in respect to the handling of data, information. Elimination of redundant data associated with the current Winika Hotel data handling system.

1.5Scope of the study

A Hotel is a large establishment, which consist of different section/department with their various responsibilities that bring about the efficient running of the Hotel service. This research work cover Account, Admin, house keeping, sale of  food and beverage departments.

1.6Limitation of the study

Power supply: this research work will be limited to power supply as it is the only means in which this research work depends on for its functionality.

Cost: one of the limitations to this project work is also on the cost of production and maintenance, due to the fact that electronics devices are costly in the market place.

Time: due to time factor the researcher was unable to gather the relevant information needed for this project work.

1.7Definition of terms

Booking: this is the process of making reservation for use of a place for future use.

Software: is a collection of data that tells the system how to perform a particular task or operation. Or a sequential step by step process of carrying out a task instruction.

System: is a set of computer components (that is, the assembling of hardware, software and peripherals to function together)

Database: a database is a systematically arranged collection of computer data so that it can automatically retrieved of manipulated. It is also called a data bank.

Hotel: a hotel is an establishment that provide accommodation and other service for paying guest or that provide a private residence to individual. 

Reservation: is the act of withholding or keeping back something that should have been giving out for sale.

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