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The manual approach used in the regulation of the investigation been carried out by the National Drug investigations is very devious and dress full. This research work investigated into the problems encountered due to the debilitation of hard dugs admitted into the country as well as in the society with a view of designing and implementing a computerized system to handle the work with less difficult for an effective decision making.

In the course of the study, an existing system was introduced and its inefficiency were detected and gradually expressed, after which is solutions to the deigned problem were proffered in the new designed computerized system which is radiate and more interactive. The new system laminates all the problem experience with the existing system. The case study is national Drug Law. Enforcement Agency NDLEA Enugu.




National Drug law Enforcement Agency was set up in the year 1984 during the regime of Buhari the acting president of that year. It was established when caught on drug reaffixing called cocaine they are Bartholomew bologna Laval ojulope and Benard Obenegbe and were executed by then government Buhari. It was established to take care of the problem that Nigeria are facing due to the problem of hard drugs that existed in Nigeria then.

NDLEA act N30 laws of the federation in 2004 they state the practical operation in the year 1990 from airport commissioners when they saw some groups of boys carrying drugs and then want to stop them.

Fedelis Ojakilome was the first chairman of NDLEA and he handed over to kwajafa whose was an assistance inspector of police (AIG) and handed over to papa jamare who only lasted for 2 months and Bamaji took over from him in 1994 and lasted for five years. He was replaled by 1994 Onovo 1.0 from Enugu also a police personnel who remains in office till 2000 and handed over to lockdam also AIG and lasted for 3-4 months them Lafia gim took over who was an SSS boss before he came to Drug Ground October.

In 2006, Ahmadu ginelde a retimed police officer is as at now the preset boss in NDLEA company.


The Aim and objective of this company is to make sure that Nigeria’s partake in the habit of fighting against Dreg Anuse like other countries and it was established to present illicit cultivation production mainefactive of illicit trafficking of hard dugs which begins to take place in Nigeria.


The statement of the study and some of the problem they face in their company is that they lack awareness of their members of their operation brandy by the public as such they do not like their search on the carport seaport and international air ports that which shows that they don’t know their privacy and the powers given to NSLEA. They also lack co-operation for general public that is they don’t volatile information on drugs offenders in the area because of Libras unstuck.

They encounter some undue interfere in their investigation by luring place individuals in the society. They poor remigration on their works because their workers are not well paid which now daises some of their workers not be active in work. They also encounter some logic problem including vehicles that are not regard enough to with stand the pressure of the day to day activities. The hostile attitude needed from the general public to the law enforcement Agents are not there.


when some investigation are being carried out there are many problem they encounter which at the end later become on their own behalf for instance when they lack awareness of the public are aware that they want to come and airiest anybody of groups of people it is believed that the public can’t keep quiet and allow them to come and arrest so the lack of awareness of the public helps them a lot.

Again no body known the secret of Drug Agents or the powers given to their officers which now encourage them to go ahead and arrest any body that go against their law. They have the right to entire into any place whether forcible to entire so far they get the news that some changers addicts are staging inside the place.


This is to enforce the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs that are found in all parts of Nigeria. This NDLEA people are found in all parts of Nigeria which hampers the operation of the traffickers. In international air ports, land boarders and other places there are may people that fight against Drug in all those places which help to radices the high rate of drugs abusers because they have branches in all conges of the world which help them to got information about any drug person ground so that they will went on for an arrest of that person.

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