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The end of military rule in 1998 in Nigeria ushered in the fourth republic in Nigeria democratic dispensation the return to civil rule brought about an end to arbitrariness and disorder which was a major feature of military rule. Michael (1998)

In its wake it obtained high hope and expectations across Sabon Gari and the country at large. Democracy Offers bitter opportunities for self- actualization and development. As a result of the return to civil rule since independent in 1960. Ogundiya (2010) Inspite of the series of military intervention in Nigeria politics, the civilian government president Obasanjo has to its credits made some significant improvement.

The 2007 elections mark the first civilian to civilian handover of power in the nations history no withstanding, Osaghae (1999) posited that democracy offers opportunity for self- government and development such optimism is not misplaced giving the fact that democracy represent a fulcrum in valves which the global wind of change has imposed on the international system. Democracy affords the people full participation in the affairs of their country and the enjoyment of benefits associate with it.

Thompson (1997) posited that the emergence of democracy in Nigeria and Sabon-Gari on the rationalization that it stimulates development. The implication therefore is that with out democracy, there can be neither development nor progress in the long-run.

This research is to assess the nature of democracy vis-à-vis political crisis in Sabon-Gari local government. This research also is aim at examining the positive and negative trends currently affecting Sabon-Gari and that democratization has impacted immensely on political development in Sabon – Gari Local Government Area.  


Sabon Gari Local Government is old and despite being created for a long period of time, development has democratic regimes in place did not help matters, as most of the problems faced by the people of the local government revolved around unemployment, poverty, mal-administration and weak economic basic. Elections into the Local Government were occasioned by grass manipulations of the electoral process by the elites for their personal and group selfish interests.

Therefore this study  examines political crisis in Sabon – Gari Local Government Area, with the view to assessing the level of relationship  that  might have existed between political crisis and political development and the extent to which it has impacted on the local government administration, giving peoples expectations and dimensions of challenges ahead and hope of reversing negative trends through constructive advices and proffering workable solutions.


1.    What is the impact of the 2011 political crises on democracy in Sabon Gari Local Government?

2.    Are the political leaders and institution effective in meeting the challenges of democracy and political crisis in Sabon Gari Local Government?

3.  What is the  extend of influence and interest  of the   electoral officers in the 2011 general general election Sabon Gari Local Government Area?


1.       To examine the effect of political crisis and its relationship to leadership crisis in 2011 in Sabon Gari Local Government Area.

2.       To examine the extend of thuggery in the 2011 political crises in Sabon Gari Local Government Area.

3.       To examine the possible causes of 2011 political crisis in Sabon Gari Local Government Area.


1.       Political development in Sabon-Gari Local Government might have been constraint by the incessant political thuggery in the weak of 2011 general elections.

2.       The effect of political thuggery, affected the electoral process negatively in the 2011 general elections in Sabon Gari Local Government.

3.       The Chansis and possibility of political sanity in Sabon-Gari Local Government might be achieved when political thuggery are reduce to the minimum level. 


This research attempt to show the numerous sources of data which will be used in the causes of the research work, the sources of data, how it intends to be collected, the population of the study and analysis of data collected.

The research work will be based on primary and secondary source. For the secondary source, shall depend on text books, journals, newspaper and internet. Data collected from the secondary source will be used in introducing the research study, reviewing of literature analyzing theoretical framework and definition of terms.

The primary source of data would be acquired through the administration of questionnaire and interviews method. A total of number of eighty (80) questionnaires will be administered and a systematic random sampling of selection will be used.

The population of the study will constitute sex, age, level of education and marital status and so on of the respondents in Sabon Gari Local Government and also in accordance with the number of wards in the Local Government.

The descriptive method of data analysis will be used in such a way that the data collected will be presented and processed into tables, figures, percentages and frequencies for further understanding.


The research deals with the issue of democracy and political crises in Sabon Gari Local Government Area. It is aimed at indentifying the causes of political crisis in relation to democracy and also to suggest possible solutions as how to reduce the incessant political crisis in Sabon Gari Local Government Area.

The research will also go along way in understanding the rise of political institutions in the development of Sabon Gari Local Government Area.

Lastly it will serve as an additional source of information to others especially in the academic line that will undergo research on the subject matter democracy and political crisis. It will help in contributing and possession of the capacity to solve Sthe political problems confronting Sabon Gari Local Government.


The scope of this study will be limited to Sabon Gari Local Government of Kaduna in Nigeria. The scope of this research will also be looking at the level of political crisis in 2011. The study will be limited due to the availability of the literatures on the subject matter. Also the access to the target audience in the rural community of Sabon Gari Local Government will serve as limitations.

In the course of this research, time and financial constrain were also some of the major obstacles faced in the research. Research work requires time and money to be able to get access to materials, printing of questionnaire and also the day – to – day expenses which will be needed.


          A.      DEMOCRACY

Greek, “rule by people” according to (Thompson, 1997) democracy means community government through its representatives for its own benefit. Democracy is a system of governance which allows people to freely elect their leaders and hold them accountable and which provides opportunity for the greater number of people to use their human potentials to survive in dignity

          B.      POLITICAL PARTY   

One of the oldest definitions of political party was given by  (Sklar, 1963) as  body of men united, for promoting by their joint endeavours the national interest upon some particular principles in which they all agreed”. In a nutshell, political parties are association that serve, both as interest and pressure groups performing the important function of recruitment of political actors, mobilization of citizenry and provision of choice alternative for the populace organizing and campaigning for votes.

          C.      POLITICAL CRISIS 

By implication, therefore political crisis is the unsteadiness or inconsistence situations created in a polity as a result of violence and/or unpatented transfer of power from one administration to another.

D.      VIOLENCE: Includes every variety of protest, militancy, coercion, destruction, or muscle flexing which a given observer happens to fear of condemn.


This research work consists of five chapters

The first chapter includes the introductory part of the work which consist general background of the study, statement of the research problems, aims and objectives of the study, research question, proposition, methodology, justification  of the study, scope and limitation of the study, definition of terms, outlines of chapter and references.

Chapter two covers literature review on Democracy and Political Crisis, theoretical framework and reference.

While chapter three consists of the background of the study, history of Sabo Gari Local Government, geographic location, religion, economy, socio-cultural, administrative structure  

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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