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This study was set to determine broadcast contents and listeners’ choice of programmes on select private radio stations in Uyo metropolis. It however used Planet and Comfort Fm as a case study. To achieve this, five objectives and research questions was drawn to guide the study. The survey method was used for the study. The population of this study were listeners in Uyo metropolis which according to the world Population statistic (2018) was projected to be 436,606.  The sample size was 400 drawn from the Taro Yamane’s formula. The research instrument used was the questionnaire while the Multistage sampling procedure and cluster sampling technique were used to access the respondents. A total of 400 copies of the questionnaire were administered out of this 381 copies formed the basis for analysis using simple percentage. The major findings of the study are that broadcast programmes aired on both stations influence listeners’ choice of programmes to a great extent, as this influence could be seen in both positive and negative aspect. The study discovered that Uyo residents listen to Planet Fm mostly. Also the programme listened to most on Planet Fm was Football Planet, while Sport Marathon had the highest listenership on Comfort Fm. These programmes were said to appealing as it gratifies the listeners needs.  Most respondents however, picked these programmes because of its contents and sound quality. It was recommended that programmmes that positively influenced listeners should be aired, while those with negative influence be reviewed. It also suggested that both stations should improve its delivery pattern, programme length, programme timing language usage and fluency of the presenter.  They should also work on programmes with low listeners so as to appeal listeners interest.

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