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The subject of this research works is bank loan and credit collection in Nigeria.  Their bank loan develop as an attempt to financials and agricultural sector in the country.

And credit collection seems very important because the non repayment of lean or credit has led to so many distressed banks in view of the important roles banks play in economic development of a country it has become a matter of necessity for an in-depth research and the analysis of its help as well as its problems.

The objective therefore is to find out the place of loan in banking operation the problem encountered to extent these problems have on banks and possible solution to these problems the research work has three to five chapters. Chapter one narrates the bank loan and credit collection.

Chapter two deals with the overview of bank lending the types of loan available criteria for bank loan and importance of Nigeria economy.

Chapter three also narrates the research design and methodology sources of data area of study and method used in collecting our raw data.

Finally the conclusion on the research and recommendation made by the research and all in chapter four and five.    




This study entitle banking loan and credit collections in Nigeria is about difficulties which Nigeria banks encounter in loan given to people.

This has been an interesting topic for those that works in banking industry in Nigeria because bank and credit collection deals with acceptance and offer.

What I want to investigate form study topic mention above is

i.                    Why people like to collect loan form bank and find it difficult to pay back.

ii.                  Why bank do not follow up the loan which they gives out to people


The increase in volume of money render which banks deal with they have fully embraced the collection of loan which enhance their efficiency.  Many banks now use assets collateral for their normal across the counter operation many banks uses the nitrest which they generate form given out loan to get their paid up capital.

Loan which banks give to people helps individual to invest within their country and at the same time  improve the economy of the country.

In addition to the bank loan collection of credit is now goes with securities that guides the loan which to people received     


The investigation on the topic bank loan and credit collection in Nigeria hope that the work of this study will be kindle the interest of the other financial institution both private and public who makes used of the loan.

However it hoped that the report will help to indicate some area of knowledge when may be relevant to problem collecting bank loan it is useful to financial institution as a guide for future research work and what is more important is to make  the banks to be wise for better future decision making the thesis will be also significant to the society in big way because if the use of loans is well productive efficiency and effectiveness could be enhanced in the financial institution in the Nigeria banking industry the banker will benefit much by the way of making profit.     


i.        Banker:      This is defining as any person in Nigeria who is engaged in banking business.  It is a system as an agent of development that occupies a central position in the economy of any nation.

ii.       Financial institution:     This is the establishment that issue financial obligation such as demand deposits in order to acquire funds form the public.

iii.      Loan:          Mean the sum of money gives to the needs loan granted by banks should ascertain the purpose of the loan this is important because the bank house to follow some specific internal and external operation policy to guideline while lending it means lending of money.

iv       Collateral:  This can be define as offers which the borrower must offer before loan can be granted to him/her.

v.       Paid-up capital:   This means the increase in the minimum paid up capital for bank started in the year up52 when indigenous had N250 as their paid up capital it is money kept aside for liquidation

vi.      Money:       Money is define as any thing which is generally acceptable in give society or locality as a mean of exchange and for settlement of debt.

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