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Background of the Study 
In the ancient times not much was known about occupational diseases hence no real effort was made to promote the health and well being of workers in these permits. However as early as the 47th century B.C “Hippocrates” recognized the toxicity to lead in the mining industries, first effort to protect the health of the industrial workers can be about 50 years late when “placing the elder” in revue recognized the inherent danger in mining zinc and sulphur, used sheep bladders as respirators for workers industrial environment.  But still nothing was done to protect the workers health most especially in developing countries, Nigeria inclusive despite the fact that several factors are responsible for high risk of amputation, asthma, burns, hear defect, fractures and other occupational long diseases etc.   
In Kastina State, industrial workers do suffer from disease e.g cancer of the bladder which is as a result of exposure to aromatic amines in dying factor, rubber and plastic industry  asbestors from mining (Iron) in Funtua Local Government Area Katsina state , industrial workers from fertilizer factory presently with irritation to the upper respiratory track and sometimes splashes in the eyes causes conjunctivitis and therotitis, while those working in textile, oil factory, bottling company and northern dairies the present with pneumoconiosis, which is as a result of inhalation of dust and cotton fibres resulting to obstructive air way diseases e.g Asthma, Byssinosis and sicincosis etc.   
In the country we find people deformed in one form or the other dive to injury sustained through accident in the different industries, those are what we cached industrial Hazard/ accident. These accidents to large degree depend on the form of machinery or raw materials being used for the production of essential products. These kind of hazards causes a lot of damage to the victim due to lack of protection and sometimes lead to loss of people involved. It is therefore very necessary that industrialist and the employees stamina to prevent such accident. These accidents cannot be complete prevented, but the precautionary steps being taken by both industrialist and their employee will go along way in seeing that, the effect of such accident are minimized. 
It is therefore necessary to ensure that both the industrialist and the employees first of all known that such accident cannot occur in their working places. Secondly, to know how to prevent such accident. Lastly to know how to minimize the effect incase they occur, this is what the study is to find out. Industrial hazard include disease contacted or injuries sustained in the cause of duty. Industrial diseases in one that occur with characteristics is a specific hazard as it occur with operate to produce effect in the body. An industrial disease is also caused by the production of a process in a working environment, these occur in the same physiological effect, symptom of the hazard causes in the process is the same to the cause in a similar process. It is also the duty of the employer to established health services in the industry to maintain a high level of health among all staff.   Health care should be staff with medical practitioners that have undergone certain training on occupational health. 
The responsibilities of the health practitioners in industries include the following: 
–        Periodical medical examination 
–        Immunization 
–        Rehabilitation of workers 
–        Increase personal hygiene etc.   
–        Occupational Health has been defined in many ways in the alternative basically occupational health is define as promotion of health, safety and welfare of industrial workers.   
Statement of the Problem 
In Funtua Local Government Area of Katsina State, a number of industrial workers tend to have recorded injuries from their working places, some appears with illness of struck, caught (injuries) electrical accidents, chemical splashes etc.   The epidemiologist of industries accident is what, will apply to study the cause and prevention of such accident.    Sodoluwu (1985) said the understanding of this relationship important prevention and control of industrial accident.   The agent of industrial accident is the immediate cause of the accident, which the host is the worker. And the environment in this situation is the work environment.   
Objectives of the Study 
This study is intended to out factors affecting industrial workers health in Funtua Local Government Area in Katsina state . 
1.      Identify different kinds of industrial accidents/hazard among workers in Funtua Local Government Area Katsina state .
2.      To identify the levels of exposure among workers to various atmospheric contaminants and other environmental hazards. 
3.      To determine the factors that affect the compliance with existing occupational health standard the regulation by the industries in the study area. 
4.      To identify appropriate effective control measures against industrial hazards in Katsina state .   
Significance of the Study This study is expected to create awareness on the part of the government in Industry of catering in Katsina state  with regard to major problems (Problems (Hazards/disease) of Industrial workers; to serve as a light for the government to re – force/ activate its effort towards making the industries a safe place to work.   It will also enable the employers of industrial workers to pay adequate attention to the need of workers by providing good occupational health e.g enough equipment, protective device etc. in order to protect the employees from industrial hazards.   For the employees, the research will make them realize the type of hazards they are expose to an the necessary measures to take to protect themselves and others thereby ensuring safe and healthy work experience.   This study also forms a basis for further research by other researcher in assessment of occupational Hazard/Accident among industrial workers.   
Research Questions     
1.      What are the Hazard/ accident occurring in Industries in Funtua Local Government Area in Katsina state . 
2.      To what extent are industrial workers exposed to various hazards in them places of work.   
Scope of the Study 
The study will be delimited to the assessment of occupational hazard among the industrial workers in Funtua Local Government Area in Katsina state . 

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