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This research was the impact of corporate social responsibilities in host communities of Niger- Delta area in Nigeria.  It is true that most corporate citizen or organizations especially multinational oil companies are not living up to expectation in solving the problems contributed in the region by their activities. Their oil exploration had causes pollution in the area, which has caused untold hardship to the people.  Thus the objective of the study was to explore how best to use the practice of public relations in solving these challenges. Primary and secondary data sources and methods were used to generate data.  The data generated were treated and analyzed using simple percentages.  The researcher came up with some of the findings to include – thus activities of multinational companies have significantly contributed to the level of pollution which has affected farming and other economic activities, which has increase the level of unemployment in the region.  Thus, the researcher recommended that the multinational companies should control the level of activities in the region to reduce the rate of pollution; companies should make policies that should benefit the host communities like provision of adequate amenities, infrastructure and award of scholarships to the youths of the region to study in the higher institution in Nigeria. To alleviate the suffering of the communities, caused by the oil exploration in the region.    

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