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 The consequences of drug abuse and alcoholism placed great burden on Nigerian society as it affected the economy, the health care system, the criminal justice system, and threatens job security, public safety, marital and family life.  Alcoholism and the abuse of other drugs, both licit and illicit can affect all aspect of a person’s life.  It can also affect the brain, damage emotional stability, finances, career, family and the entire community in which an alcoholic or drug abuser lives.  
This author has corrected the misconception by many Nigerians that drug abuse is only applicable to illicit drugs, by proving that licit drugs can also be abuse.  This paper also considered the origin of alcoholism and drug abuse in Nigeria, the prohibition of alcoholism in Nigeria, the theories, types, signs and symptoms, the possible reasons for the involvement of Nigerians in the abuse of drugs and alcohol and the implication.  The paper further elucidates on the connection between drug abuse and crime and drug abuse and poverty in Nigeria, and showed the role of Christianity in curbing the menace of alcoholism and drug abuse using analytical method. The author interviewed some addicts that were rehabilitated by the church and some Christians who testified to the church commitment in curbing the problem of alcoholism and drug abuse.  
This paper conclusively encourages the church to take concrete action in the issue of alcoholism and drug abuse through indoctrination and socialization and also provide programmes for rehabilitation.  The government should also establish counseling centers in all communities to create awareness to the ignorant people about the negative consequence of drug abuse and alcoholism. 

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