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Public relations can be related as the management function that identifies, establishes, and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends. The achievement of an organizational objective can be affected by the reform of its public relations.

The reasons why some organizations strive well for instance the banking sector is because to improve their profitability, they channel their efforts to public relations. In this age of competitions, there is need for organizations, banks, business enterprises, churches, clubs etc. to engage procedures to improve their performance to the benefits of their consumers and knowing full well that there is competition in vogue.

Public relations is a management tool designed to establish support among a firm’s various internal and external publics (Thomas & Lane, 1990). Another definition stated that public relations includes activities that is built around a favorable company’s image through publicity, and community events (Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2009). The major functions of public relations are to create and maintain excellent relations with the organization’s internal and external stakeholders, such as persons and private, governmental, and societal entities in general.

Public relations can have a strong impact on public awareness at a much lower cost than advertising (Kotler & Armstrong, 2006). The tools used in public relations are press releases, lobbying, product publicity, investor’s relations, and development. In this article, press releases, public affairs, and lobbying will be discussed. The CEOs of corporate sustainability efforts can use lobbying to persuade public and/government officials to favor a particular position or decision-making (Price & Ferrell, 2003).

Modern public relations has evolved to embrace corporate sustainability; corporate sustainability is built around the organizational structure that embraces public relations theories and practices. Ecological, sociological, and corporate/business elements must be properly promoted internally/externally by utilizing public relations efforts in order to provide the most updated information to stakeholders/employees and the public (Penning, 2007). In reference to the power center of corporate sustainability, organizations need to have CEOs with strategic background, intent, and vision in order to direct public relations to the three target areas specified in this article.

Organizations throughout the world need to understand the value of public relations in an effort to meet institutional goals and objectives. More specifically, the overall organizational strategic plan needs to incorporate public relations initiatives within the short/long term planning to avoid internal/external communication mishaps (Public Relations Society of America, 2013).

Nigerian banks have recognized that effective public relations has become the integrating force which interprets their environment to the bank management, defines objective and building good will through good deeds. In furtherance of these objectives, many banks in Nigeria have introduced extra incentive such as credit cards, weekend banking organization all in attempt to provide exceptional services for their customers and to retain old customers, attract potential depositors and win public understanding. Those banks adopting to change trends by creating effective public relations department as a tool to boost cooperate image are currently experiencing increases. 

Public relations, in the internal environment area, is directed to both the entire organization and to its individual departments and units. Internal communication and good internal communication channels are of paramount importance. From an internal perspective, organizations must be able to communicate effectively with its human resources in order to streamline organizational development. Finally, public relations must also be an important part of internal communication to promote planned change and development within the organization (Rivero, 2013).

Organizational goals and objects can be effectively achieved by a well-planned public relations from the organization.


Public relations practice are not well understood in this continent, that is, many organizations and individual do not understand the concept of the profession, though they engaged in it on a daily basis, yet they do not appreciate the role of public relations and hence do not have or consider public relations as an integral part of their daily activities. Many people or professionals do not consider this as an area that needs much expertise. Many would rather major in science disciplines or business and still finds themselves in a public relations job. Most of those who occupy the positions of public relations in both government and private organization are not public relations major. Some claims to be practitioners simply because they are practicing journalist. Come to think of it, even those who eventually had training in public relations refuse to specialize in a particular aspect of public relations, just because they wants to keep every account that comes their way. E.g : Consultancy, Media Relations, Event management, PR Education, Reputation Management, Community Relations, Research and so on. Also, they want to do everything so they could make much money from practice. Money is a drive why so many people dive into public relations profession.


The main objective of this study is to find out the role played by effective public relations on the achievement of organization objectives, specifically the study intends to:

1.     Find out factors hindering successful public relations practice in Nigeria

2.     To analyze the importance of public relations to the achievement of organizational objectives.

3.     to find out the effects of public relations on the achievement of organizational objectives


The following questions are formulated to guide the study arrive in a meaningful and reliable conclusion.

1.     What are the factors hindering successful public relations practice in Nigeria

2.     What is the importance of public relations to the achievement of organizational objectives?

3.     What are the effects of public relations on the achievement of organizational objectives


This research work will cover the industrial sector in Nigeria, the effect, problems, impact and different method in achieving a better public relations will be discussed in this study


This research work is aimed at offering an insight into the impact of public relations in the industrial sector in Nigeria so as to reveal its pitfalls and success. The insight question can be used to make useful inference on the performance of public relations programs in different organizations in the Nigeria industrial sector

 Investigating the operation problems of the public relations in different industry will sensitize policy, made to work out remedies for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization image.


As the case usually is, there are certain limitations the researcher will be faced with in the cause of this work. One is in the area is finance for the general research. Apart from finance, research work of this nature is often done within a time bound as well as geographical factors.

However, it is believed that these constraints will be checkmated by making the best use of the materials available materials and spending more than the necessary time in the research work, therefore, it is strongly believed that despite these constraint, its effect on this research report will be minimal, thus, making the objective and significance of the study achievable.


            Secondary sources of gathering data will be largely employed for our variables. This again will be based on content analysis, what these involves is the critical review of related materials, literatures, journals, magazines and textbooks, it will also involve sourcing or browsing the net for materials. Communication with authorities in the field will also not be overlooked.

1.9     KEY WORDS

Objectives: a thing aimed at or sought; a goal.

Public relations: the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

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