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In summary the aim of educating this research is to investigate into the minimization of the alarming rate of bank travel in Nigeria identify the effects and suggest possible solution towards achieving travel free banking in Nigeria according the cuts which constitute fraud are inexhaustible but prominent among them is forgery. Generally employees all have potential for fraudulent practices. However untrained staff and those bank staff who now occupy position through  experience have a lie share with any know bank fraud the major causes of fraud is frustration.




The importance of effective bank fraud in Nigeria is when fraud occurs there are always unfair and dishonest advantages based on the concept of one man’s loss is another man’s gain bank fraud has adverse effect on the bank losses valued customers and potential one’s share holder and other creditor.

The entire government as well as the economy received shock in any successful bank fraud.

Apart form fraud can result to bank other bank investment can be used to mean a deposit with a financial institution or the purchases of a security or example on investment in a central bank in a trustee saving bank treasuring certificate or on the stock exchange therefore fraud can brought.  Distress to the above investment in Nigeria banking system.

One of the major short coming of banking system in  this country is the absence of public relation attitude forwards customers this shortcoming is a product of a poorly structured recruitment and training policy of our bank.

Perhaps this is one of the critical area worthy of understanding and application it fight against fraud would emerge feasibility in fact the average Nigeria customer is ignorant and semi-illiterate in handling banking transaction this evident is all section of a customer whose cheque is returned with the inscription “signature irregular” good commented and academically quality bank and there customer professionally sound banking personal well help to minimize fraud in Nigeria banking system there by increase customers and public confidence in the banking industry the  average annual disbursement of  bank staff is not impressive thus a lot need to be alone to mark the minimization of bank fraud in Nigerians so that bank can meet up with the expected performance.    

Do You Have New or Fresh Topic? Send Us Your Topic

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