11 Tips on Note-Taking for Students in Higher Institution

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How to Take Note in Higher Institution

Note-taking in higher institution is somewhat different from the way it is at lower levels. In secondary school, students might be required to submit your notebook for marking, and so there is the likelihood that students will want to get their notes updated before deadline. In college, of course that is not the case, and you are more responsible to yourself, having an updated useful and well organised is very much up to you as a student. While materials could be handed out for students for a course or an aspect of the course, it is still very important that the student is able to take note very well. Your ability to take note in an orderly and updated manner will go a long way in helping you as a student. You will be able to follow up with the class as expected and you will have the note to make use of during study. So if you are seeking for ideas on how to be effective at not-taking in your university or college classes, then the points discussed in this article will be of help. The strategies and tips discussed are ideas on note-taking for students in higher institution.

Be prepared

If you really mean to take note in class, then you must ensure that you make do preparation to do so. Know the courses you have to take class for that day and get your notes prepared with the notes. Also ensure you have a pen with you, you know a small thing as not having a pen can disturb you, and do not always assume that your friend will have an extra pen. Get ready with all the needed materials for the class. What could you need in the process of taking down notes during class? Get it ready with you. You could even decide to take along with you more than one pen. Prepare as much as possible to limit to the minimal your need to borrow anything. Be proactive.

Sit in front

Oh, if you really want to hear the lecturer well, then you need to find a good place to sit in front. Do not form a habit of staying at the back. For you to be able to have a good place to sit in class, you should ensure you get there on time. If you belong to a class where you have so many students and you want the best class experience including being able to hear clearly all that you need to jot down, then go early to class and find a good place to sit in front. If situation will demand that you tell someone to help you get a seat, then do and try as much as possible to be there on time to take the seat.

Be prompt

For you to be able to jot from the very beginning of the class and to get the all the important things starting from the introduction of the lecture, it is important for you to get there early. You do not want to be struggling to catch up because of lateness. The best thing is to be an early bird, make sure you are able to take note of every relevant information right from the start of the class till the end. Every necessary detail should be captured in your note.

Use abbreviations

It may be quite tasking to keep with the pace of some lecturers when they are dictating, and you are taking down the note. One of the things you can learn to use which can be of help is to use abbreviations. If there is a short form to represent something, why bug yourself to write in full while trying to write fast? You should just go ahead and use the abbreviation. After all, your note belongs to you and it’s not likely there will be any marking of your note. Write using abbreviations that you can understand.

Sit near a fast friend

You know there might be times you will miss out on some of the notes being dictated by the lecturer, you might just leave the space and move on, once there is a little chance, you can quickly crosscheck with the person beside you and complete your own note. Try to sit near someone who can write fast so you can easily use his or her note to complete yours.

Be attentive

Ensure you pay necessary attention to what is being taught, do not stay in a place where you will be distracted. Don’t allow your mind to wander off, ensure that you are really present in class with your mind alert and picking every information you ought to pick.

Work on your writing speed

Taking notes during lectures will demand that you write fast, so endeavour to improve on your writing speed. The faster you are able to take notes down, the better; the slower you are, the more you will be lost during the dictation.

Use a good notebook

Is there a bad notebook? The simple advice here is just to use a note that is easy to write with in class.

Record the lecture

This is a very good one, but it can only be applicable where it is possible and practicable. If you find out you can record the lecture, why not take the opportunity and record. Recording is so good, you can go back and listen to the record, adjust and update your note as appropriate.

Note-taking is a very god practice, you can always go back to your note as a reference material. When you have to study for tests and examinations, then you won’t be stranded. The earlier you began to take comprehensive and updated notes starting from the beginning of the semester in all your courses, the better. Don’t be careless about it, imagine if every student was waiting for the other person to write an updated and comprehensive note, then who would? Do your very best to be that student with a well organised and updated note. One quick advice:

Keep your notes

Of what use will it be if you had taken the pain to write your note so well and then you got it missing and cannot find it? That won’t be palatable at all. In as much as you are careful about taking notes, take good care to keep the notes intact and accessible.

In case you are unable to have a good and updated note, and probably you find that examinations are by the corner, then you might use this tip:

Borrow a friend’s note

You know it’s actually not the best, but if you have to, it is better to do so than to be stranded. Borrow a friend’s note, you could either decide to make a photocopy of the note or you can read through it while jotting down in your own way.

Also, ensure that all the notes you take, you go through them, but also make use of other materials that might have been provided for the course. Use everything as appropriate and do your best to guarantee success.

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