7 Tips on How to Enjoy Reading

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How to Enjoy Reading

Nowadays, where everyone spends a lot of time zapping on the internet, it becomes a challenge to focus on reading. How to enjoy reading a good book in the face of so many distractions? Reading requires concentration and a lot of attention. At various times in our life, we ​​will need to focus on readings, whether through screens or on paper.

Have you ever thought about studying for the university entrance examination or doing a final examination without reading anything in-depth? Some situations will require that more intense reading, with real content. When we read, we expand our vocabulary, improve writing, and become more critical people. Because of this, we have to transform the act of reading into something pleasurable.

We have already discussed how to improve the reading of texts. But now it’s time for you to know the benefits of reading a good book. So in this post, we will give surefire tips on how to enjoy reading. The books and you will be good friends going forward.

1. How to enjoy reading: start with small books

Many researchers have established that a lot of people find reading a difficult task. However, despite the seeming lack of interest, a lot of people believes that reading brings knowledge.

So, a good way is to start slowly with small books. This is another surefire tip for you to start enjoying reading. It is no use picking up a thousand-page book if you can’t read ten at the moment without interruption. Logically, small books take less time to read, and this tends to give you more encouragement to persist. Also, they will require less effort.

Another important point is the vocabulary. Choose books that initially have a vocabulary that is easy to understand.

Start with books on subjects of interest

How to enjoy reading if you choose books with subjects you hate? First, define which book subjects appeal to you the most. To enjoy reading, you must read what you like. So start with a book that you like very much. That’s right; you love it and will be motivated to read.

Choosing a theme that you like will fuel you for new readings

Make a list with several subjects that you would like to read; this will facilitate when choosing. Acquiring the pleasure of reading, he starts by reading what he likes. Then it gets easier.

Enjoy reading with what you like best

In addition to choosing topics that you have an affinity with, it is essential to identify which types and genres of reading you like. Most people who don’t like to read have had bad experiences. But it’s time to get over it and move on. Give reading a new chance by starting over with what you like.

Nothing testifies against reading more than we come across a book we hate. Of course, it is sometimes necessary, but to start enjoying reading, first prioritize what has a real affinity. So, if you like romance, read novels. Fiction, comics, chronicles, poetry. Newspapers, magazines. The important thing is to take the first step. Once you get into the habit of reading what you like, it will be easier to take mandatory readings, which you don’t like so much.

2. Set aside daily reading time

To create the habit of reading, you first need to prioritize time for this. Don’t use lack of time as an excuse. How to enjoy reading if you don’t reserve a daily period for it, correct? This tip is golden. Put it on the list: read every day, such time. Define reading as a daily chore. Start with just 30 minutes a day, and you will see that, little by little, you will be motivated to read more and more.

If you have difficulty establishing a schedule, make a table, and place it on the wall of the room. Use the cell phone reminder, alert alarms paying attention to the moment of reading. Don’t let yourself be sabotaged. Make that commitment to you.

3. Determine the number of pages to read per day

Set the number of pages you will read daily. This is another strategy that usually works. Set personal goals and gradually increase. The idea is that you also feel motivated to hit these goals. However, take it easy. Start small, without exaggeration, 5 to 10 pages a day will be great at the start. Because the main goal is to enjoy reading and make it a habit, remember that small goal achieved are better than unfulfilled goals.

4. Find a suitable place to read

You can’t enjoy reading in troubled and noisy environments. Choose a quiet spot where you can focus. Reading requires concentration and a lot of focus. To develop the habit of reading, read in libraries, in a study room, at home as long as these environments allow you to concentrate.

In addition to finding a suitable place to read, you should avoid distractions. It is no use sitting down to read and continue with your cell phone on, looking at messages and social networks just as it is complicated to read with the TV on, computer, music, and side conversations.

Reading time should be seen as a commitment. If you don’t focus on the time spent reading, it will be difficult to establish a habit. So you know, when you open a book, leave the electronics off or away from you. Except, of course, when reading through screens.

5. Enter history mode and learn how to enjoy reading

When you immerse yourself in the storyline and story of the book, reading flows. You find yourself thinking about the book and then there’s the urge to read again, to know what’s going to happen. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in history. Imagine, create, make your assumptions as a reader. Write down, question, talk to others who are doing the same reading. This interaction will help you acquire a taste for reading. Enjoying reading is built day by day. Believe me; it doesn’t happen all of a sudden. You need to allow yourself.

6. Always have the book with you

To circumvent the lack of time and routine for reading, we have one more surefire tip. How to enjoy reading if you never have a book in hand? Difficult, right?  So choose the book of your choice and take it everywhere. It sounds silly, but try it out. Any time gap you have will be easier to resort to reading. Enjoy your free time to read.

Going out to lunch, read a few pages later. If you use public transport, you can also take out the book and devour some pages. Flip through a book while waiting for patients and clients. There are many possibilities to make reading a habit in your life.

Have you ever wondered how many times we waste time with nonsense, literally? An unproductive time that we can turn into something really useful. You will agree that reading a book is investing in you. Reading makes you grow personally and professionally. It’s learning, culture, and more.

7. Make a list of upcoming readings

You have seen so far that there are many ways to enjoy reading. Making a list of titles that interest you is a great strategy to keep reading. Once this journey has started, hook one book on the other. Never stop reading. Look for other publications, ask friends for reading directions, discuss the books you are reading.

Share your list and update it frequently. This will also be a motivating factor for you. It will be a challenge to go through the books on the list as you read.


With these surefire tips, did you see how you can enjoy reading? You can make it a habit in your life.

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