How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

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How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

The whole world might be an abode for individuals shelled with their own uniqueness. But there is something that unites us all apart from the other common aspects.
Well, we are talking about ‘Man’s Best Friend’ here!

Right from Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose till the amazing animation fantasy, Bolt, we have read and seen quite a lot about these wonderful furry friends.

A new dog around should actually be a joyful experience to you. He can be anything from a rescue dog to a breeder puppy or even someone whom you picked while walking at the park!
While having him in your arms, you might have dreamt of happier days with this small ball of fur!

All those snuggly cuddles, evening walks, boomerang with a stick, and a lot more to it!

But have you ever thought about what your dog feels in his new home?

He is away from his natural habitat, away from his own buddies, and most of all- he is scared!

So what do you do to win his heart over his fears?

Today, we are going to take you to a small journey through these passages that might be of great help in earning the trust of your fearful dog.

Read on!

1. Make Some Space with all the Positive Vibes

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

Imagine this—you are on your couch munching on to your chip while tuning your TV. Your paw pal is lying head down on the floor with ears totally flat on either side.

You can also see his big pupils wander while he gasps big sighs of something painful.

Now, this is something emotional on the inside! But for you, it is more like a challenge in helping him cheer up and mingle with his new family.

Dogs are reactive beings who understand much better, in fact, more than us!

Try to be calm to him even if he doesn’t listen to you. Remember, you brought him home for a reason—to be friends.

Aggressive tone or shouting might just put him into more deep-rooted fear.

Take him for slow walks—start in your lawn.

Walk him slowly and be sure to communicate with him in a soft loving tone.

This will foster in him the connection of love and confidence.

Slamming the door gently and calling him by his pet name would actually help in ripping him of his fear.

Light mild-scented candles near his bed to add to the aroma of the whole atmosphere.

2. Set Aside Time for Your Dog

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

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Remember, the more time you spend with your dog, the more the trust from his eager eyes!

He could have been a subject of trauma from his past experiences. He might have witnessed cruelty or unkind attitude in his life. Spending quality time with your furry friend would actually give him the confidence that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Your dog needs emotional support before anything else.

We being humans and he being a kind of his own are not reasons for excuses in bridging the communication gap!

Talk to your dog while gently patting him on his head. Instead of sitting in one place, move around in and out of your house and ask him to follow you.

This way, he will stay covered in knowing about the whereabouts of the house and your kind heart!

Take him to the lawn and play games like Frisbee or hide-and-seek! It is a fun-filled idea to keep him engaged and communicate the joyful concept of love.

Playing tug-of-war is another great idea to get him closer to you. But be sure to fake your victory by losing the game to him! After all, your victory lies in winning his trust!

3. Reward Your Dog with a Delicious Treat

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

We all know the happiness in getting rewards and praises. Well, this strategy suits dogs as well. He might have made some mischief by ruining your sofa, or he might have set paw prints all over your floor.

All you have to do is just relax and know that he is growing up to be your family.

He brings back that stick you threw or might bark when guests knock by — treat him with something delicious.

Whenever your dog enters your room, toss him his favorite sausage or cookie.

In this way, you will get closer to him in no time!

On the other hand, your dog will reciprocate to your gesture with love and not fear.

4. Never Punish Your Dog

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

You enter your home from the office, and as soon as you open the door, you are welcomed by flying fluff of cotton and dust! Don’t panic as there hasn’t been any explosion! It’s just that your dog had gotten easy on that couch while you were away!

Now, this could be a situation where you might lose it. You may tend to shout at your dog and ask him to return to his bed.

Don’t do it – you are doing something that would put him to great pain on the inside.

Instead of shouting at him or punishing him, pat him gently and treat him. Make him understand that he is more important to you than that tattered couch.

Remember, your small gesture of love will make a big impact in bringing him out of his shell of fears.

How to Earn the Trust of Fearful Dogs?

It is rightly said that a dog is a man’s best friend.

Dogs don’t expect anything in return other than unbound love and affection.

And when it comes to a fearful dog, you have to understand him better before he understands you.

Unconditional love and friendly attitude towards your dog would actually help him get rid of his fear and walk towards a lovely journey of life!

Remember, your dog needs your ‘Love and Care’ to break his shield of fears!

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