How to Handle Rejection: Strategies to Overcome it

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How to Handle Rejection

Rejection can be a very hard situation to face, especially when it’s not coming from just one angle. When you feel like no one wants you or associate with you or that you are not good enough for a job because you got rejected, or not good enough for someone because the person left you, etc. All such situations could stir up the pain of rejection and if you brood in it too much for too long, it might become a more serious situation to deal with. Wondering if there’s some way to handle the rejection you are facing in a way that you can live happy in spite of it? Wondering if there’s a way to feel alive and among too? You don’t have to drown in the sea of self-pity all because of rejection from something or someone, you can make it a walk over, but that doesn’t just happen, you need to have the right mind-set. It may not necessarily have to stop, you just need to know how to deal with it. Want to know the strategies to handle rejection? The following points will point you in the direction of handling rejection better.

1. Know that rejection happens

Thinking you are the only one going through rejection is going to make the pain even more serious and make you think worse of yourself as though you were a second-class human, without the normal qualities that would have guaranteed acceptance from people. You need to change that mind-set because there are more people going through some form of rejection or the other than you think, that makes your case not to be an exceptional one. There could be different reasons why various people have to face rejection, but the bottom line is that it’s not happening to just one person alone or just you. See it more as normal than abnormal.

2. Think about it

You see, there are times people deserve to be rejected for one thing or the other. Imagine if you applied for a job and you didn’t get it because you lack some basic qualifications necessary for the job, would you say the interviewers or employers are bad or that they did the wrong thing? No, of course, especially if you look at the situation without bias. Instead of brooding over you’re not being accepted for the job, you should see it as a feedback for you to gain certain necessary qualifications and probably try again. It is only when you think of rejections like this in this way that you can be able to learn from the experiences be it in the secular or the social world or even in your personal life.

3. Don’t assume it

If it’s a situation where you feel there’s a particular person or people that display to you that side of rejection, you should not just assume that they don’t like you or for this reason and that reason, take some courage and confront the person or persons involved in a confident and polite way, you could ask them that you think they hate you or don’t appreciate you and you don’t know why. If they truly did, then you will be sure and will know how to respond to them, but you might discover to your amazement that things were not even how you thought they were and if they think there is something you are doing that makes them act that way towards you, a habit, character or nature, then you will see if it’s something you can change or not. This approach will save you from just assuming and having negative emotions.

4. Everyone cannot like you

Imagine if a businessman is expecting everyone to be his customer, that won’t happen right? It’s because different people have different tastes, needs and preferences. No matter how good you are, everyone cannot like or appreciate you the way you want. Having this knowledge in your mind will help you to be able to better evaluate rejection when it happens. Some people just may not flow with you, and it’s not that they hate you in particular, there’s perhaps just no common ground.

5. Focus on your qualities

You may have some form of deformity or personality that make people not want to really associate with you and you feel the pain of this rejection, but the more you focus on that bad psrt of yourself, the more you see yourself as trash and the rejection continues. But if you focus on your gifts, talents and qualities and develop them to a point of distinction, then you will have something to stand you out, give your life meaning and value, and people will begin to appreciate you. Don’t stop growing, people love to associate with successes, and not failures, it’s just the way people are, therefore strive to be a success.

6. Don’t let it stop you

Allowing rejection by someone in a relationship, for a job or some other things to stop you in your tracks is not right at all. Keep being happy with the right people, keep growing, keep developing yourself, keep adding value and keep loving people around you. Outgrow all forms of baseless rejection, don’t give too much thought to such. Concentrate on more important things.

7. Take risks

Don’t let the fear of rejection hinder you from taking necessary risks, either you want to start something new, ask for something or apply for something. Take the risk. If you want to do something and you seek support from a person, if the person doesn’t offer the support, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish what you want, it just means the person rejecting the offer is not going to be a part of the eventual success. Keep taking risks and get more fortified to handle rejections without losing hope.

8. See a large world

Being too narrow-minded could foster the feeling and pain of rejection. If you get a ‘no’ from someone, you can get a ‘yes’ from another person, you should not focus too much on where the rejection is coming from, that you are unable to appreciate the many other places where you could probably be accepted. The world is a large one and you can keep exploring various opportunities, instead of brooding about one point of rejection, extend your tentacles to try out many other viable points.

9. Stay in the right atmosphere

You should not keep trying to force yourself on things or people who don’t want you. By doing that you only keep wounding yourself emotionally and psychologically. You should appreciate those who appreciate you, no matter how few. You shouldn’t be too concerned about how many friends you have as such, but about how many real friends you have, if have a few real people who are good and sincere around you, it’s better than a bunch of friends who can’t stick their necks out for you.

10. Don’t be too needy

Showing yourself as being too needy of acceptance and needing too much attention, if it gets obvious may not be good for you at all. Therefore you should learn to be comfortable and confident in your own skin. Be happy by yourself, love yourself, let it be clear that you appreciate yourself. If you have a bad idea of yourself already, then you will need to really work on that so you can be a confident and cheerful you. That kind of personality cannot easily get rejected, because you are fine with yourself and your inner love, joy, and happiness is what you spread. Work on ‘you’.

11. Don’t change your values unnecessarily

In the bid to feel among or feel like you belong to some class of people, you should not change your fundamental values that are good. Of course you are to work on getting rid of the not-so-good attributes about yourself, but don’t in the bid to please a person exchange good values for bad ones.

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