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Building technology project topics and research materials pdf download for final year students in the construction and building department.


Free Project Topics on Building Technology and Construction

In our archive, our building technology project topics are free. Below we listed these topics for free for you to use for your research works. Each topic comes with free abstracts and chapter one. To have access from chapters 1 to 5 you will have to purchase it.

Contents of the Building Technology Project Topics and construction

Project topics under building technology come with the proposal samples, table of contents, abstract, chapters 1 to 5 with references and questionnaires.

The complete project work cost 3000 Naira for Nigerian students, 50GHC for Ghana students, and cost 15$ for international students. Countries like (Kenya, Liberia, Cameroon, USA, UK, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, India e.t.c).

List of Free Building Technology Project Topics and Materials

  1. The influence of contract drawing on building project
  2. Issues and challenge in the execution of public sector housing projects in nigeria
  3. Infrastructural development, real estate agency rebranding and review of national housing policy: the road map for rapid economic development of nigeria
  4. Project time control in building constructionappraisal of the impact of delays in project delivery in construction industry
  5. Strength development in concrete using different type of cement
  6. Comparison of the strength of concrete produced with coarse aggregate in different location
  7. Construction of a wooden bookshelfeffects of salt water on concrete
  8. Investigation into causes of building collapse in nigeria
  9. Investigation into ascertain the causes of failure and present traffic capacity of highways
  10. Road deteriorationassessment of the contributions of hydrologic cycle to the water quality profile
  11. Effluent impact on water quality
  12. Relevance of road to life and it’s activities
  13. Structural detailing of a reinforced concrete structure – duplex
  14. Structural reinforcement detailing of a single storey residential building with retaining wall
  15. Groundwater development for portable water supply
  16. Design of road pavements designing of road pavement linking federal secretariat industrial centre
  17. Effective ways of controlling erosion in a building site
  18. An assessment of contractor’s risks exposure within some standard forms of building contract in nigeria
  19. An evaluation of the environmental factors that lead to abandonment of public building projects
  20. Comparative of construction processes of innovative and conventional building
  21. Comparisons of procurement characteristics of traditional and labour-only procurements in housing projects in nigeria
  22. Economic development as a function of construction project performance
  23. Green building as innovation in nigeria construction industry
  24. Modelling of cost overruns in building projects
  25. Evaluation of project risk and the determination of contingency sum for building developments in nigeria
  26. Evaluating the motivational factors of employee-consultants in the nigerian construction industry
  27. Effects of three binding media on moisture movement in compressed earth bricks
  28. Determination of the prospect of partnering as procurement method in the nigerian construction industry
  29. Comparative assessment of the strengths of solid and glued laminated timber
  30. Assessment of the training needs of craft skill workers in north-western nigeria
  31. Assessment of ergonomic adaptability practices among selected construction craftsmen
  32. Analytical and approximate variance of public building total project cost, estimation by mean component costs method
  33. An investigation into build operate and transfer in the provision of hostels
  34. An evaluation of housing affordability for niger state civil servants under public-private partnership (ppp) housing development
  35. An assessment of the provision of infrastructure under the public private partnership housing scheme
  36. An assessment of the implementation of universal design principles in the provision of building services in multi-storey buildings
  37. An appraisal of construction project planning in nigerian indigenous construction companies
  38. Effect of lime-stabilization on strength characteristics of bricks
  39. Durability characteristics of portland cement/volcanic ash concrete exposed to chemically aggressive environments
  40. Need for environmental friendly materials for building construction
  41. A study of prospects and problems of timber as external material in building production in hot climate region (case study benue state)
  42. Impact of maintenance of buildings and infrastructural facilities to the national economy
  43. Labour control in building industry
  44. Causes and remedies of poor maintenance of public building
  45. The challenges of indigenous building construction firms in nigeria
  46. The nature and management of risk in a construction company sites
  47. Wage determination in the public sector industrial and labour
  48. Improving productivity in the construction industry through i-human resources development
  49. The impact of financial incentives in government owned organization in nigeria
  50. An evaluation of financial incentives in private organization in nigeria
  51. Turnover in the labour force brooking paper on economic activitie
  52. Sevaluation of incentive schemes on labour production in nigeria construction industry
  53. Incentives and disincentive guideline for contracts in nigeria
  54. Factors influencing craftmen productivity in africa
  55. Exploring the influence of workplace trust over health workers performance
  56. The impact of non-financial incentives on bricklayers productivity in nigeriaa critical review of the causes of cost overrun in construction industries in developing countries
  57. Effectiveness of non-financial motivational schemes on construction workers output in nigeriaa review on quantified impacts of construction labour productivity towards project performance
  58. Risk management in medium sized commercial buildings
  59. Delay analysis in industrial projects by using relative importance index method
  60. Labour productivity analysis using multi-variable linear regression technique
  61. Importance of incentives and motivation of human element in construction industry
  62. Plant resource control as an effective tool to project delivery in building industry
  63. Safety management in building construction site
  64. Project planning and programming as tools for effective project delivery
  65. Effective material management in building construction site
  66. Factors affecting workers productivity in building production process
  67. The impact of construction industry in the development of nigeria
  68. The impact of insurance policies to building project contracts
  69. Comparative analysis of incentives provision in foreign and indigenous firm and it’s impact on productivity
  70. Multi-parameter optimization of cost entropy for reinforced concrete office building projects using ant colony optimization
  71. Managing retention in residential building projects
  72. Paradigm for total quality management in building maintenance operation
  73. An approach to application of total quality management in building maintenance operation
  74. Importance of incentives in enhancing workers performance in construction industry
  75. Expert system – based cost predictive model for building worksa comparative study of the entrepreneurial characteristics of architecture and building students
  76. Expert system approach to overcoming excessive cost on building sites
  77. An approach to application of total quality management in building maintenance operations
  78. Multivariate approach to bench marking quality prediction parameters in building maintenance works
  79. Improving urban residents awareness of the impact of household activities on climate change
  80. Conflict management in nigerian construction industry
  81. Challenges of low cost housing delivery in nigeria
  82. The use of building survey for maintenance of building in nigeria
  83. The impact of budgeting and budgetary control in construction project delivery in nigeria
  84. Maintenance and servicing problems of specialist works in building
  85. The implication and benefit of the use of softwares in building project construction
  86. Use of form work design and construction of high building
  87. Management of materials on building construction site
  88. Effects of aggregate sizes on the concrete strength
  89. Structural / reinforcement detailing of a single storey residential building
  90. Building failure and collapse in nigeria
  91. Study of factors affecting construction cost performance in nigerian construction sites
  92. Impact of quality management and safety culture on construction performance
  93. Building failure and collapse in nigeria: the influence of the informal sector
  94. Assessment for controlling of dampness in an existing building in nigeria
  95. Issues and challenges in the execution of public sector housing projects in nigeria
  96. Strategies for controlling cracks in residential buildings
  97. Appraisal of building maintenance practice among landlords
  98. Making high concrete strength from granulated calcined clay
  99. The impact of management challenges on the productivity of intergrated building technology and servicesthe causes of construction project delays in educational building projects in jalingo
  100. Factors influencing the cost planning of a public building project
  101. He contribution of oil companies to the development of port harcourt local government
  102. Critical analysis of the relationship between credit management and bank distress
  103. A critical assessment of micro finance banks and their contribution to the development of small scale enterprises


Above are project topics under building technology and constructions. And they have their reading made project materials from chapters one to five with references and questionnaire.

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