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The media is evidently seen as one of the agents of socialization, in the study of the society. This means that the media is capable of influencing the attitude, character, lifestyle and culture of individuals either negatively or positively. Today, the nature of most Nigerian movies have grown or evolved from bad to worse, especially on the part of those that portray sex, pornography and vulgarity. This is evidently malevolent because since members of the audience of Nigerian movies also constitute members of the society, and the media, especially television, is as well, capable of influencing an individual’s behavior, the negative effects of these videos will also indirectly affect the society at large. Therefore, this study seeks to look at the extent of the malevolence of Nigerian movies in our contemporary society, by looking at the nature and content of these movies and why it is still being patronized by audience members despite its malevolent nature. The objectives of this study, aims at finding out the negative effects of Nigerian movies generally, and how it affects the society by posing as malevolent. This can be done by trying to ascertain if there is an over-emphasis of negative themes in Nigerian movies and identifying the negative effects or disadvantages associated with watching these movies as well as to find out how Nigerian movies can affect the society at large. The expected outcome of this study is that the government and parents as well will get to realize the level of negative influence that watching of home videos has on not just people, but on the society at large. Though various methods of data collection suitable for this study include, observation, questionnaire and interview, but the only method of data collection used in the study was that of questionnaire.

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Do You Have New or Fresh Topic? Send Us Your Topic

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