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Accident, literally, a befalling, an event that takes place without out’s foresight or expectation; an undersigned, sudden and unexpected event, chance, contingency; character, a casualty; a mishap; as, to diesis an accident. When an event is indesigned, it means that the event happens surprising or without pre-knowledge, by chance means an “Act of God” stuff.

Accident could result to damage, to plants, products, buildings, pollution of the environment, injury to people, and death to people. There are different types of accidents such as industrial accidents, road accidents, five accidents etc. But, due to the purpose of this project, we will be interested in discussing industrial accident.

Industrial accident, are those accidents that occur in factories where human beings are working. Everyday, worldwide thousands of accidents occur in factories and happens in different ways, depending on the area it occurs in the factory. It can result from collusion with poisonous chemicals, inefficient operations of the machines, hit by a moving object or falling objects, electrical shock from a naked wire, bursa from acid, slide due to greasy floors etc. Any of the above accidents can cause deep scars or permanent disabilities depending on the degree of which it occurs.

Several costs may be involved in one or more of these causes of accidents mentioned above. But, we shall consider the cost at it affects the victim the firm and the manager.


  1. Pain and suffering.
  2. Loss of income
  3. Social embarrassment
  4. Liability to others.


  1. Loss of production
  2. Damage to equipment
  3. Medical expenses and compensation
  4. Loss of moral among workers.
  5. Bad corporate image.


  1. Loss of prestige
  2. Loss of skilled worker
  3. Time loss in training a substitute.

EMENITE LIMITED, a member of the Brlgian Etex group started operation in 1963 under the name ‘TURNERS ASBESTOS CEMENT COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED’. The company was incorporated in 1961 with registration member RC2712 and the shareholding was as follows:

          Turner and Newall ltd – 80%

          Government of Eastern Nigeria – 20%

As a result of the indigenization decree of 1973, the shareholders of the company changed as follows:

          Turners and Newell ltd – 60%

          Government of Eastern Nigeria – 40%

With the name of the company changing to Turners building products (Emene) limited. Due to clumdling fortunes of the company, in March 24. 1988, Turners and Newall limited. divested its interest in the company and transferred 51% of its shareholding to Eterutremer society Anonym of Belgium (now Eterx group S.A) and the balance of 49% went to the then Anambra and Imo states, now Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Ebonyi states. As a result of the new shareholding arrangement, the company changed its name to Emenite limited as is presently known.


Emenite has made considerable progress in terms of product development and market. They operate in the roofing and ceiling market. There range of products includes.

  1. Bigsix corrugated sheets
  2. Bigsix corrugated sheets
  3. Standard corrugated sheets
  4. Ultimate corrugated sheets
  5. Prestige concrete title
  1. Emceil flat sheet.
  2. Duraceil decorative ceiling
  3. Emlux decorative ceiling
  4. Qualitite decorative ceiling.

These products are made from fibre and cement. The company new product marketed in 28th November 2001 in Enugu is the duratile concrete tile. Emenite limited was certified 150 9001 – 2000 in 2002. They are the first to obtain such international standard east of the lager. The firm has a total of 225 staffers. The health, safety and environment legislation as well as specific guidelines of Etex group require employers to prove a safe work place and minimize exposure to hazardous substances in order to protect the employee’s health. It is to assure collective protection by controlling release of the substance at the source, so that it does not get to the cumbient are and constitute health hazard. Employees have to acquire knowledge of the environment they are working in since it is importance to be safety conscious in their daily activities and in the industrial environment. The accident analysis indicate that due to ignorance of imminent dangers, cardessnes of workers, chemical defects and lack off motivation or punishment to fedaulters, we are often involved in industrial accidents. Based on these, the EMENITE limited management have put in place a booklet comprising of general information on asbestos, its hazards and precautionary measures, approved personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety boots, Helmet, Hand gloves, ear muff, nose mask, Eye goggles, for each work area, hazardous equipment in the company, industrial accidents and prevention measures, personal prefecture equipment and correct uses, first aid fundamentals, developing the safety, protective equipment necessary for each work area, emergency action plants (EAPs) in and outside the environment etc. This is to ensure a safe, healthy, accident free and pollution free environment for the entire staff and the public. In other achieve this goal, it is expected that every employee in EMENITE limited will read the booklet carefully and abide by the contents in other to minimize causes of accidents and its painful sad consequences.


The rates of industrial accidents have caused very serious harms to many lives and property. It could lead to instant death or incapacitation or injure, it could also lead to loss of income, loss of production and damage to equipment in the industry. This may eventually cause dependents to loss their dear ones or material care. These accidents occur because most of the workers do not know the precautionary and safety measures to be taken in accident prevention.

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