Generation of Constant Power Supply From a DC Source

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Generation of Constant Power Supply From a DC Source



Direct current (DC) sources are not as easily generated as its alternating current counterpart, the truth is that its importance can not be over looked in our society. A power supply is a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads.

The term is most commonly applied to devices that convert another form of energy e.g. (Mechanical, chemical, solar) etc to electrical energy. Every power supply must obtain the energy it supplies to its loads as well as any energy it consumes while performing that task from an energy source, depending on its design. A power supply may obtain energy from any of the following energy.

Storage devices such as batteries and fuel cells.

Electromechanical system such as generators and alternators etc.

This project represents one out of several means by which “Generation of constant power” is achieved. However, with a little impart assessment carried out, it is notable that this equipment is environmentally friendly, it emits little or no pollutants, no fuel is required, it is cheaper than the normal constant alternating current power source whereby alternators are driven by prime movers that use fuel to run these arrangement are very bulky, but this project portrays a potable equipment that is appreciably cheap.


a) A suitable battery (as a DC source) 100A /12volts

b) A direct current electric motor (as a prime mover) 1760 Rev/Min.

c) A synchronous alternating current Alternator of a suitable capacity.

d) A battery charger that keep the battery afloat.

In this project the design arrangement is a closed system were the output will be taken back to the DC Battery source which serve as the source to the prime mover (DC motor), from the prime mover to the alternator through the aid of a coupling arrangement to the two shaft of the motor and alternator. The motor as the prime mover rotates the armature through the shaft in a magnetic field. The rate at which the conductor cut through the magnetic determines the magnitude field of E.M.F produced.

This E.M.F produced is fed into the load unit, into the battery of charger which keeps the battery afloat and recycles the operation.

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