10 Powerful Research Methodology Books You Must Get as a Final Year Student

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10 Powerful Research Methodology Books You Must Get as a Final Year Student

February 5, 2018 By CharlesBruno Chidera

Research is a very serious business because everything we use in our everyday life and the machineries our society is built on research. Any mistake has the potential of wreaking havoc on the bodies of knowledge that we build our society on. So, for your final year, we have packaged for you a list of 10 very powerful research method books to help you understand the rules that guide research method and also organize yours.

1. The Craft of Research

  • Author(s): Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams.
  • Pagination: 329
  • Latest edition: 2nd

Unlike other research books that treat the research process as though the stages always occur to the researcher in a chronological pattern, it recognizes the disjointedness of the process and focuses on treating how each stage of the research process interact and influence each other. It actually goes deep into the discussion of how a “vague interest” can be turned into something worth researching. For the most part it sides with readers and encourages the researcher to always have them at the back of his or her mind at all times while also attempting to build arguments that motivate the reader and to always think of any possible reservation they might have about it.

2. MLA,7th and 8th Edition Handbook

  • Pagination: 292
  • Latest Edition: 8th

The MLA handbook covers the stipulated documentation methods of every material and source type under the MLA style of documentation. This method is used for those in the Arts usually with the exception of department Archeology and Tourism in universities where it is under the Arts faculty.

However, the 8th edition is yet to be made available online. A review of it shows that the present edition has shifted from the usual very strict adherence to rules. It is said to focus now on methodology and the research process. So be on the lookout for it and download for your final year project.

3. MLA Style for Academic Work (2017-2018)

  • Author(s): Mount Royal University
  • Pagination: 12
  • Latest edition: 1

This very short text discusses in a more broader form the in-text citation method for MLA.

4. A Guide to the  APA 6th ed.  Referencing Style

  • Author(s): staff from the  UCOL Student Experience Team (SET)  Library and Learning Services.
  • Pagination: 33
  • Latest edition: 6th (of APA Manual)

This text develops upon the APA Documentation manual which is what is used in the social sciences.

5. “Research  Synopsis  Writing

  • Author(s): Helle  O.  Larsen
  • Pagination: 7
  • Latest Edition: 1

This text focuses on just the writing of research synopsis. It gives you a step by step guideline on synopsis writing.

6. Practical Research: Planning and Design

  • Author(s): Paul D. Leedy
  • Pagination: 408
  • Latest Edition: 10th

The text’s aim is to help infuse that “do-it-yourself” attitude in the student researcher. It guides the reader from the first step of research( the choice of a topic) through the research process to the end. And encourages them to get acquainted with the rigorousness of the research methodology. This particular book should be your first as it will orient your mind towards the research goals.

7. Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design

  • Author: John W. Creswell
  • Pagination: 395
  • Latest Edition: 4th

Here the author explored the 5 key qualitative research approaches with a view to highlighting their philosophical underpinnings. He discusses in detail the importance of each approach to qualitative research and their uniqueness.

8. Social Research Methods

  • Author: Alan Bryman
  • Pagination: 784
  • Latest Edition: 4th

While it treats the key notions of research method, it also allows students to experiment with the examples of research problems in a way that makes for a deeper understanding of research methodology.

9. Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

  • Author: Kanjit Kumar
  • Pagination: 440
  • Latest edition: 3rd

This is specifically designed for beginners and covers almost all research in every discipline. It is written in a very logical and accessible way to be easy to those who haven’t engaged in research before.

10. Case Study Research: Designs and Methods

  • Author: Robert K. Yin
  • Pagination: 219
  • Latest edition: 2nd

The text focuses on research in the social sciences. It delves into discussing in detail, the designing of good case studies and the collection of data which is often the most challenging aspect of research for students in their final year.

Research Methods for Business Students by Adrian Thornhill, Mark NK Saunders, and Philip Lewis. Very insightful and a must read for Business Students. Goodluck!

10 Powerful Research Methodology Books You Must Get as a Final Year Student

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