10 Plagiarism Checkers For Students That Guarantee Good Grades

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10 Plagiarism Checkers For Students That Guarantee Good Grades

April 8 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

Around nine o’clock in the morning, a young scholar took a bold walk into his professor’s office. He handed him a soft copy of his 2-week research paper. The professor took it and never say a word.

He took the flash-drive and uploaded the papers on a software program. Right then and there, the software began shaking the Internet trees. In 15 seconds or less, some stolen text began to fall off.

“You are a thief!” The professor yelled. “You are too lazy!”

The boy shook. He trembled, like a three-year old, covering his eyes with fingers, thinking you can’t see him.

Just like other intellectual thieves, who stand by the internet-highway, waiting for contents to steal, the classic line from Oscar Wilde dawned on him:

“Talent borrows. Genius Steals…. I steal, but I know how to steal.”

Internet that could have been the key to a good grade, locks the door in an instant.

In that token, if you spend 30 seconds more on this page, you would have learnt a handful of planet’s best plagiarism checker software available for students, to ward off duplicate contents from research papers.

Carefully take a look at this list before you make your choices:


Turnitin is a multi-platformp plagiarism checker tool for checking academic papers. No doubt, it has the biggest database for checking term papers, thesis etc. Algorithm compare and contrasts your papers with more than 45-billion web pages; 400-million student papers, 110-million published content, scientific journals, and in next to no time comes up with the detailed result.

One of the countless things that set Turnitin apart from other plagiarism checker software is that,it doesn’t just judge that you stole. It will tell you the lifted lines are similar and will give you links to the contents.

They have a myriad of free online resources, instructors and administrators. I confess, they are way too many to list here.

You can simply head on to Turnitin website to know more about it. I’m sure you’ll be blown away.

I don’t joke with Ginger plagiarism checker. I have it installed right into my Microsoft word with its ad-on feature. Ginger’s radar is one of the best in the world. It’s connected to over 8 billion web pages. It detects duplicate contents almost instantly. The neat thing about Ginger is that it won’t just show you that you have duplicate contents, it will display the percentage of copied content in your paper.

I can’t leave this part without mentioning some other great features that will bring a new level of credibility to your pieces:

Yes! It does grammar correction.

Yes! It’s user-friendly.

Yes! It interprets automatically.

And yes! It has an in-built thesaurus.

What more do you need in a plagiarism checker software?

Well, let’s move on to another invaluable plagiarism checking tool.


In its way, the plagiarism detection feature is not bad, but with my experience as of the time of writing this, the premium version is way too better than the trial version.

Face it. Grammerly is the most popular plagiarism software scholars use around the world. Its interface is quite smooth, and its a brilliant grammar correction tool can make an amateur writer seem professional.

WhiteSmoke is another giant on the list. It’s another plagiarism detection tool I recommend to students and academic professionals. It works on desktop, web, and mobile devices. Apart from being an easy-to-use grammar and language correction tool, it has a plagiarism checker and other multi-layered features.  To me, just like Grammarly and Ginger, WhiteSmoke is rapidly taking a center stage in the new frontier of content-theft detection. Its paid plans are have many bells and whistles.

But, if you’re like me, you will explore the free version before jumping to the full ones.

ProWritingAid is a writing assistant and a writing coach with many time-saving integrations. It works perfectly on Windows, Mac and other platforms. There’s nothing more a student wants in a duplicate content checker that ProWritingAid doesn’t have. Its accurate radar signals and fishes out plagiarized contents. It could also be your next writing-credibility robot. Ask me how.

ProWritingAid thoroughly scrutinize every word, sentence and pages of your papers. After the scanning, it immediately flags all the errors and ‘copied’ contents; suggest multiple adjustments to make, right away.

Amazing, isn’t it?

So, after using ProWritingAid, you can go ahead with total confidence and submit your research papers.

But, before you make a choice, take a look at its downside that might stop you. If you are not ready to pay for the $40 premium plan, the plagiarism checker feature may not be available.

Another breath-taking Plagiarism Checker is just a click away.

Plagiarism Checker X is the X-Ray machine to detect hidden plagiarism in your research papers and assignments. It is as accurate, as the speedy rattlesnake that swallowed money in Nigeria. In next to no time, you can remove all the duplicate contents from your research paper.

And that’s not all with Plagiarism Checker X.

It gives you an option to upload popular file formats, including doc, docx, rtf, and PDF, and plain text, right there on your PC. With it you can earn extra points by knowing and citing the original sources of the plagiarized content, instead of leaving it right there to ruin your grades.

Well…, if you read this far, I’m excited for you. The next software might be a better choice.

Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a free Windows-based software that inspects contents, in reference to texts from top-five search engines. It has a higher number of pages to look into, and quickly brings out texts that are the same with the submitted.

What thrills me the most about this software is the ease of use.

However, its cons are: it’s only available in English language and works with no other O.S. than Windows.

The viper is also a free software. Viper was intentionally made for teachers to check the credibility of students. It’s an anti-plagiarism software, so to say. But, it’s an edge for students who use it as a backdoor tool.

However, there are only two disadvantages that could possibly stop you from using this software: It’s only compatible with Windows XP or older, and it’s only available in English.

This is another plagiarism checker software to liberate your uniqueness. It is cheap. Plagiarism Finder also offers quick and deep detection of excerpts in texts published before that time.

Have you decided which one to use for your next research Paper yet? If your answer is NO, then you probably will like what’s coming next….

10. SLATE:
As a final option, Slate is a free application that combines plagiarism checker feature with citation manager. Slate also handles your bibliography, and it has a Microsoft word add-on version that checks your document’s originality as you type.

I think this is perfect for students who want more than checking plagiarism.

Picture being able to load a document into a writing-robot, hit the “Generate Report” button, and that’s all you need to do. It sieves it and then reveal the originality of the texts, even texts that some software claim original.

Enough said. As this page ends, and you finally consider going ahead to reheat the internet leftovers for your next research papers, I suggest, use more than one of these plagiarism checker software recipes.

With my decade of experience as a writing coach, I tell you, consider them as invaluable tools. I used three checkers to make this article you’re reading unique.

So, never be tempted by sweet and accurate words. If you however think you can always get through with just “copy and paste”, Here is my judgement:

You’re forging the weapon by which you’ll destroy your academic success.

Thanks for reading.

10 Plagiarism Checkers For Students That Guarantee Good Grades

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