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February 2, 2018 By Anuoluwapo Dorcas Oni

Do you wish to write excellent research papers free from grammatical blunders? Then, you are just in luck! I took out time today to review the top 10 Grammar Correction Software you can use in indentifying grammatical errors in your paper.

When writing a research paper, it is imperative to write what others can easily read and understand. To achieve this, you need to write something original and free from grammatical errors. This will not just earn you good marks, but will impress your readers, especially if you intend to publish your paper.

If you desire to boost your writing skills, ensure to use these grammar and plagiarism checkers listed below:

1. Grammar Lookup
Grammar lookup simplifies your writing experience. This awesome software is free and very effective at identifying errors in your research paper in real time. It is very accurate and user friendly. You won’t regret it if you go for it. Give it a trial and thank me later!

2. Ginger
Ginger is another leading software in the industry. This software will aid you in developing papers devoid of errors. It is regarded as the world’s best grammar checker. This is because it’s online proof reading features will help you correct your sentences without stress.

Ginger will ensure that your writing is flawless but, you have to stay online to make the necessary changes at once.
As a writer, it will boost your writing skills on the go especially, if you are not too good in punctuations and use of tenses.

Some of it’s great features includes:
(i) Great grammar correction.
(ii) Suitable for Microsoft office and browsers.
(iii) Fantastic design.
(iv) Incorporated thesaurus.
(v) Auto interpretation.

3. Grammarly
Believe it or not, grammarly is the most popular and generally used tool for checking grammar and punctuations. This software has both the free and premium versions. It is very accurate for checking for grammatical errors, punctuations and spelling.

This tool is also very suitable for writers whose native language is not English.

4. Punctuation Check
This is another awesome tool for checking punctuations and grammar for free. With this toole, you don’t need to worry about the appearance and readability of your research paper. It is also a very efficient, fast and user-friendly tool that meets up with your requirement always.

5. WhiteSmoke

Do you need convenience? Then WhiteSmoke is just the perfect grammar checking tool for you. It is very simple, unique and easy to install. You won’t find any trouble getting started with it. You will have a profound experience using WhiteSmoke. From a personal perspective and experience, this has been the best for me.

6. Proof Guru
Proof Guru checker is a Windows Desktop Application suitable for Microsoft word at no cost. It offers you packaged style guides and checklists suitable for varieties of content.
You can adopt the packaged checklists or come up with your own unique style guides to help with your proof reading skills.

7. Paper Rater
This checker screens your paper for correct words used in the wrong context which can be embarrassing. Paper Rater is the most advanced free contextual spelling and plagiarism checker which easily corrects your grammatical errors or mis-use of words. It also has an in-built artificial intelligence system that assist students with writing.

8. Slick Write
Slick write is a grammar checker that helps you check your write-up for grammatical errors for free. It is suitable for students who are new to writing.

9. Grammar Snob
This grammar snob is a pleasure for people who usually criticize the language use of others. It is a software that corrects grammatical blunders and words highlighted to prove superiority.

10. Credosity
Credosity is applicable to Microsoft word and outlook. It helps you locate and amend the worst part of your write up first by making it clear, concise and credible.

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