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  • Background to the Study

The slow rate of church growth in our society is calling for urgent attention and way out looking at Christ expectation of church growth through the great commission, mandate and commands given to every Christian. Despite the population of Christian and methods which are currently available for the church of God to growth such as members of massive open and closed crusades, one to one evangelism, all kind of church programmes, social media and media houses. Lewis C. S. said that literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it, it enriches the necessary competences that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become

Hence, this observation led the researcher to think outside the box in the area of Christian publication, on how it can be broadly looked into, to complement other methods give corresponding growth to the church and expense the short coming of Christian publication.

  • Statement of the Problem

It is very disheartening that the church has shifted its focus on publications of Christian literatures as a means to encourage both quantitative and qualitative growth of the church. Since church growth is high expectation by God from man and command to men from God hence attention and strategy should be shifted to Christian publication for church growth has to be shifted back and answers have to be provided for this following questions:

  1. How does Christian publications influence church growth in the church at large and Christ Apostolic Church Ogudu Zonal Headquarter in particular?
  2. Does the disposition of members to Christian publication affect the growth of the church?
  3. Does the educational background of the members of the church influence their disposition towards Christian publications?
  4. How does their literacy level affect the growth of the church?
    • Purpose of the Study

The aim of this study is to achieve church growth through Christian publications and specifically study this following:

  1. To find the effect of Christian publication on church growth.
  2. To investigate the effect of Christian publication on the Growth of the Church.
  3. To determine the effect of Christian publication on the Growth of the Church.
  4. To determine the effect of acquisition of knowledge on the growth of the Christ Apostolic Church, Ogudu.
  5. To suggest possible recommendation of degree of Christian publication across the board.
  6. To suggest solutions to the challenges of Christian publications.
    • Significant of the Study

This study will be of great significant benefit to the following:

  1. Theological Seminaries: This work will encourage more dedication and efforts from theological lecturers for increase in the educational life and spiritual life of the people by teaching practical theology.
  2. Christian Educational Bodies: It is of great significance to Christian Educational body of the Church like the Sunday School Department, Discipleship Training Department to be more committed to publications of Christian materials.
  3. Theologians and Researchers: It is a resource material to both theologians and those who want to engage in theological research as regards to this subject matter.
  4. It is also relevant to Christ Apostolic Church worldwide and the general body of Christ in educating congregation on the function, purpose and specific role of the Christian publication on growing the church physical, spiritually and numerically.
    • Delimitation of the Study

The scope of this research is concentrated on the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Anu Ogudu and how the growth of the church publication activity in the church has produced a need for competence. It will examine the church, its growth, impact on the object of study (Christian publication). Moreso, the Sunday school, Bible Study, Devotional Study and other teaching agencies will be assessed.

  • Research Procedure

This section of the research work deals with the method and procedures used in carrying out the research work. This project basically depends on gathering of relevant information and findings from:

  1. LIFE Theological Seminary Library, Ikorodu
  2. Interviews and questionnaires conducted by the researcher on Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Anu, Ogudu.
  3. Also the researcher made tremendous use of the internet sources in which reference were made where applicable.

1.7       Limitation of Study

The researcher was challenged by the inability of respondents to meet up with deadlines and submission of the questionnaire. The interviewer was not meet up the scheduled appointment which led to delay in its collation. However, the available data were used to present a valid work.

  • Definition of Terms


The process of making a judgment or forming an opinion, after considering something or someone carefully.


Is a person who adheres to Christianity, an Abraham monotheistic religion based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.


This is the assembly of the called out ones from the world. it also means believers who meet together for worship in a specific locality. The church constitutes the entire body of those who are saved by their relation to Christ, those belonging to the Lord.

Church Growth:

Church growth at or relates to the individual local body of believers is a balanced increase in quantity of quality and organizational growth of a local assembly


Francis Bola Akin-John defines growth as the end result of dang something right and growth in the church answer to doing in the right way. Growth is the sum total, if life, the very purpose of our existence. We live to grow and grow to live. If we stop growing, wee surely start to grey.


Is the communication of something to the public in writing, making information generally known, the act of issuing pointed materials.

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