Security issues on mobile databases system

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Mobile computing has revolutionized both our personal and professional lives. This paper discusses the benefits offered by mobile computing and provides an overview on the mobile communication architecture. We also survey the current security risks present in the mobile computing infrastructure and suggest methods to counter them.



1 Introduction
Mobile computing has revolutionized both our personal and professional lives. It has opened up opportunities and avenues for us to explore which were hitherto unthinkable. Ubiquitous and pervasive computing have become part of our daily lives, so much so that professionals are expected to be replying to business emails on the move as well as have access to critical business information on the fly. The concept of mobile computing has had immense benefits in situations like disaster recovery and emergency response. As expected, mobile computing has its own pitfalls – data security and privacy.
With the exponentially rising cyber attacks on businesses by hacktivists, nation states and cyber- criminals; hardening of devices, securing technologies and safeguarding business related and personal data has become of utmost importance to the information technology industry. In this paper, we will refer to the scope of Mobility and Mobile Databases as defined by Lubinski (1998) [6] . Mobility refers to the ability of a user to stay ambulatory with respect to the environment, location, other persons and terminals. As an example, say the user is able to use his laptop with a fixed network in a new office location or connect to a hotel Wi-Fi and be able to perform the same tasks seamlessly. This leads us to define mobile databases as a system of distributed databases over the network as opposed to a central database on a fixed host.
The other significant idea that we touch upon in this paper is high level principles of informa- tion security and related terms used to refer to common attacks in the mobile database space. The basic objectives of any information security policy or implementation are confidentiality, integrity, availability of resources under consideration, accountability and non-repudiation. Information leakage, denial of service, misuse of information, data integrity and privacy vi- olation are just a few of the security threats that mobile databases currently face. We will look into each of these aspects in greater detail in the coming sections.


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