Cyber Security: Challenges And The Way Forward

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Twenty first century has seen a new dimension of warfare; the cyber warfare. Developed countries have started exploiting the vulnerabilities of cyberspace to gain supremacy and influence over the rivals and over countries. Projects like PRISM and Boundless Information and malwares like Stuxnet and Disttrack have surprised the world by revealing how the cyberspace is being exploited by developed countries.
Reliance of developing countries on a reliable and secure cyberspace do not match with that of western world but still few of their critical organizations like national, military and private sector hold significant share in cyberspace. Mostly, these developing countries rely on the products developed by western world. The dependency has inherent vulnerabilities and opportunities which place their critical organizations vulnerable to cyber exploitation.
This research focuses on the cyber security challenges foreseen by the developing countries, specifically the threats crafted to avoid conventional security measures, by adversaries who have attained credible technical advancement. Finally, the solution is proposed for the developing countries to tackle the issue administratively, and organizationally.
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