Pre-Primary Education in Nigeria: Policy Implementation and Problems

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Pre-Primary Education in Nigeria: Policy Implementation and Problems


Early childhood education is considered by many societies and individuals to be beneficial to young children for their educational development from school-entry age. This type of education was given official recognition by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the National Policy on Education. In the policy document, provision is made for a policy on pre-primary education stating its objectives and the measures to be taken by government to facilitate the achievement of the policy objectives. It also allowed for private participation in the provision of pre-primary education. This paper examines the implementation of the policy pointing out its shortcomings and some attendant problems, and the way forward.



Title Page———i




Abstract ———vi

Table of Content——–vii


Chapter One

1.0 Introduction ——-1

1.1 Statement of Problem——4

1.2 Purpose of the Study——5

1.3 Significance of Study——8

1.4 Limitation——–9

1.5 Scope of Study——-11


Chapter Two

2.0 Review of Related Literature —-12

2.6 Summary of Literature Review—- 19


Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology and Procedure—22

3.1 Population ——–22

3.2 Sample and Sampling Technique—-22

3.3 Validation of the Instrument —-23

3.4 Reliability of the Instrument —–23

3.5 Data Analysis——-23


Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation and Discussion of Result—24

4.1 Analysis and interpretaion of Data—25

4.2 Discussion of Results——38


Chapter Five

5.0. Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation  –40

5.1 Summary——–40

5.2 Conclusion——–41

5.3 Recommendation——42

References ———45

Appendix 1——–47

Appendix ———50


Pre-Primary Education in Nigeria: Policy Implementation and Problems
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