The Role Of Radio In The Development Of Agriculture In The Rural Area

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The primary objective of this study is to examine how radio and television plays a role in rural and agricultural development with specific reference to Enugu State. In carrying out this study, the method in which the researcher used to collect her data was questioner. The target population for the study was media practitioners, development experts, farmers, academicians and the rural dwellers in Enugu metropolis. A sample size of 300 was drawn. The researcher asked research questions and formulated research hypotheses from the research questions for the study, Data were collected, analyzed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. Also chi-square (X2) was used to test data generated from the hypotheses. Table and sample percentage were also used to analyze the result. The result of the study revealed the following:

1)           The radio and television facilitate and enhanced agricultural development in Nigeria.

2)           That NTA airs development information to rural areas in Enugu state.

3)           Also, most of the research hypotheses were confirmed positively.

Finally the researcher drew conclusion and recommendation for further studies on the topic.




Development has been defined as a process of change which is aimed at achieving self-reliance and improve the living condition of under privilege majority of the population. The above definition was according to Linden (1989: 36) “Communication in assistance for Third World communities”.

The role of media in all aspect of development in any given society cannot be over emphasized. Radio and Television are instruments of mass education. They combine their audio-visual impact to maintain an edge over other forms of mass media. Radio and Television can be used in a number of ways to educate, inform, entertain, sensitize as well as generally socialize. As a result of these factors stated above, one can say that for effective agricultural and rural development, the role of Radio and Television in achieving them cannot be over stressed.

However, this research work is indeed to examine the role which Radio and Television play in the agricultural and rural development.

Agricultural is the central occupation for majority of the people in Nigeria.

The prime target of this study is as a result of the information and communication on gap that exist in the country between the farmers who ought to benefit from the improved farming method. Conversely, political programme for the states and local governments business promotion or commercially sponsored programmes that can touch the lives of people or farmers that are living in the rural communities

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