The Design And Construction Of Automatic Fence Light Controller

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The very fundamental reasons behind this project assignment is to expose student to the very important aspect of private and independent research work not only theories but also subsequent translation of the theoretical research work into a particular function system.
The project construction of automatic fence light controller has been done primarily as a photo type design it could be further modified suit the situation where it will be used e.g when used to activate an alarm the led could be further modified to suit the situation where it will be used e.g when used to activate an alarm the led could be replaced with a relay and feedback resistor removed (for greater sensitivity).


The demand for electronic equipment in our everyday activities is sharply rising beyond our imagination and comprehension. In this modern age where electronic take the upper hand pleasure can be achieved or fatigued performing a particular duty can be made easier using electronic equipment.

Example is when a tax machine is used to tax information to another person in a further country. With this a great deal of obstacle have been overcome through transportation another is computer world a lot of problems can be solved by appropriate programming into the computer. We also have the telephone with it you can get in contact directly to the person you wish to communicate will no matter the location so long there is network services there.

All these are as a result of advancement in technology especially in electronics field and its application. The pace at which this advancement is taking place is uncontrollable supersonic. The sophistication of these equipment in market tells the capability of the electronic equipment. But however complex and sophistical the basic principles and component do not changer greatly.

It is because of this wide application of electronics that ahs brought the idea of choosing a project work as to produce an equipment that will eliminate labour (human action) and could equally control the system as desire even in the absence of the user.

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