Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social Networks

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There are number of social network sites that connect a large amount of people around the world. All social networking sites differ from each other based on various components such as Graphical User Interface, functionality, features etc. Many users have virtual identities on various social network sites.

It is common that people are users of more than one social network and also their friends may be registered on multiple social network sites. User may login to different social networking sites at different timing, so user may not find his friends online when he logins to the particular social networking website.

To overcome this issue our proposed system will bring together our online friends on different social networking sites into a single integrated environment. This would enable the user to keep up-to-date with their virtual contacts more easily, as well as to provide improved facility to search for people across different websites.

In this project, we propose a method to identify users based on profile matching. To match profile we evaluate the importance of fields in the web profile and develop a profile comparison tool. By using this profile comparison tool user can easily find out other friends who are available on different Social networking sites.

This system is a web application where user will register himself and will login to the system using his user id and password. User can view his friends who are online on different social networking sites in a single integrated environment. User can search for friends who are on other social networking sites using profile comparison tool. This system will help many people to connect with each other. The effectiveness and efficiency of profile comparison tool is that it identifies and consolidates duplicated users on different websites.

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