Moral Education and Quality Assurance of Nigerian Secondary Schools

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Moral Education and Quality Assurance of Nigerian Secondary Schools


The study examined the moral education for enhancing quality assurance of secondary education. The study explains the concepts, the purpose and needs for moral education as an effective way for enhancing quality assurance in the society. It was however concluded that with the integration of moral education in Nigerian secondary schools, the quality of the certificates acquired will be enhanced and the high integrity will be accorded by the members of the society. The paper however suggested strategies for integrating moral education into Nigerian secondary schools in the interest of enhancing quality assurance in the secondary education system. The effective integration of moral education will surely accord high integrity for the candidates,the schools, the certificates and the society in general.


It is an undisputable fact that education is the only instrument for enhancing national transformation and sustainable development. As Ogundele (2015) rightly said that any nation that toyed with her educational provision to her citizens, such nation can never be ranked high among other developed nations at the global level.
It is therefore pertinent to note that everyone wants quality assurance in their children education this is to say that,
no parents want to toy or joke with the educational quality of their children as such parents and teachers cooperate
together in the total development of their children. Jaiyelola (1990) noted that, for any citizen to have quality education he or she must be morally and emotionally sound. Moral value therefore becomes a key word for a quality education provided at all levels. Ukeje (1998) also opined that moral value must be adequately reflected in the behaviours of an educated man. Adeyemo (1990) also stated that immoral behaviours and attitudes have a baneful reflection on the quality of individual education received. The author however noted that an educated person that is not morally sound in the society, the quality of the certificate received at the school system will be disrespected in the society. The author however conducted that it is better for such individuals not to go through, schooling; than bag high degree and find wanting in the areas of moral value. Jimba, Ogundele and Damal (2015) also, said that for any person in the position of authority to be accorded high respect in the society, they must be morally and emotionally sound. Moral value orientation is therefore important in the school system, for the quality of the education provided in such schools to be assured. Owan, Enoh and Bamangah (1992) morally behaved individuals in the society lead to high respect at both national and international communities. The certificate acquired will also be accorded high respect and the quality of such certificate will be
adequately assured.


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