Nylon Cutting And Sealing Machine

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This Nylon sealing and cutting machine has an added advantage of making 800 sealed bags per hour. The constructional machines were sourced locally.

The machine can cut and seal Nylon at a affordable cost. The constructional size of 31 cm x 7.5cm x 12.4 which comprises the following component. The sealing and cutting filament, the transformer with 1000 turns of wire for the secondary and about 1200 turns for the primary.

Others includes the micro switch, tephlon tape and aluminum sheet casing.
The machine has high performance and efficiency with reasonable degree of accuracy.
In the fabrication of the machine aluminum sheet were marked and cut to size. The aluminum is placed to protect it from external stress and damage. The filament element and the micro switch converts electrical energy to heat energy. The total cost of the fabrication is N4020 with exclusion of other cost.



Packaging of materials such as food stuffs, textile etc. is a phenomenon encountered in every day life. Various packaging media have been employed but they all have their limitation like cost availability, efficiency, machinability etc. with the advent in chemical technology, different ranges of polythene have been produced with ranging properties.

Cellophane cutting and sealing machine is very significant in our contemporary packaging industries and manufacturing of finished and semi finished products.

Cellophane is a product of organic reaction. Its usually the combination of isomers to from polyethylene. Some of the properties of polythene include resistance to most chemical attacks, inertness to atmospheric air etc.

Cellophane is also normally preferred to other packaging materials because at its low cost of production and availability. Some of the goods packaged using polyethylene include ice–cream, pure water, biscuits, beverages, pharmaceutical production.



Some of the applications of polyethylene as a packaging material includes
The texture industries make use of polyethylene bags to package some of their goods after producing their textile product to avoid it from being dampened.

The toughness of low density polyethylene at low temperature coupled with the fact that it can be formed into bags.

The nylon cellophane bags are used for the packaging of drugs and its accessories. This retain the quality of the drug over a relatively period of time.

(iv) In the aerospace, the high density polythene is used for packaging of hardware e. t. c.
(v) Low density polyethylene is used in the heavy duty sack industries for the packaging. It ensures the visibility of the products

Nylon bags are used to store and transport agricultural products, in order to reduce its susceptibility to rottenness and decay. Furthermore, polyethylene is employed locally in the sales of ice – water, ice – cream, breads, biscuits, confectionaries etc

consequently the increasing demand for cellophane bags led to its granting market in the world over. The increasing demand has culminated into invention of different types of cellophane sealing and cutting machine.

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