An Electric Pop-Corn Machine

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An electric popcorn machine is machine that is used to popcorn for human consumption. It uses electricity as it sources of energy, transfer it energy, that is used to pop the Corn. Also it has a stirrer, which rotate due to the convection of electrical energy from the source to mechanical energy in the motor, the stirrer tons the corn so that it will not burns.


This project went as far as meeting most of the requirement of advancement in technology, which lead to make-work easy and comfortable for the user.


To be candid, the burden of mankind because of the existence of technology for this reasons, the government is expected to encourage the young technologist and engineers who has graduated and those who are yet to be graduated from school. By providing them with financial assistance, installation of adequate and functional equipment and facilities in various installations, competent and qualified personnel and in addition making education free for those who are not financially buoyant. By so doing, We will be boasting of technological advancement if we are ready to adopt indigenous technological experience rather than that of the western one, which rather more expansion and at- time in appropriate.





Literature Review


Specification of Problem.

1.1       Requirement of Design

1.2       Condition for Use

1.3       Characteristic

1.4       Appearance

1.5       Precaution

1.6       Theory of Design and Analysis



2.0              Construction of Part

2.1       The material needed for construction

2.2              Construction of the Frame with Glass

2.3              Construction of the Stirrer

2.4              Construction of the Pots



3.0       Assembling of the work

3.1       Electrical Connection



4.0       Testing and inspection

4.1              Recommendation and Conclusion

4.1              Material Cost Evaluation



The production of popcorn is a long time practice in Nigeria. This is done using firewood and a frying pan using spoon to stir the corn. Due to the advancement in technology the used of pot with stirrer using gas cylinders as it sources of energy was introduce to lake care of the problem of the old method. But these methods have of the old method. But these methods have some constraints, which necessitate the introduction of the project (Electric popcorn machines) some of the problem are: The united nature of the system, the cost of buying a cylinder. The machine use electricity as it source and reduces the cost of popcorn production for commercial purpose.

Nigeria being one of the countries in the continent of Africa is faced with some military factors. As a developing nation, There was been cases of bribery and corruption, drug abuse and trafficking, unlawful tempering of our pipe-line most especially in the Niger Delta prostitution, armed robbery and falsification of account. Because of this evident her inability to provide her youth with meaningful employment even after graduation. This social malady if not corb could lead to economic depression and stagnation. Based on this realization, we deem it necessary to embark on a project of this kind which would not only remedy our economy but would also give our youth a source of direction and above all make them to be self-reliant.


The importance of this project cannot be over emphasize since our present economy does not call for our depending on foreign aid but on what we can produce either collectively as a nation or as an individual.

Since government can no longer carter for the needs and wants of the longing populace. This project server as a foreign exchange earning for Nigeria thereby making pride we as an advance, Nation technology. Practically, the project could also serves as a means of enriching our knowledge and skills on how to make use of available resources in designing, fabricating, constructing and operating various machines and devices with efficiency of 65.98%,


The benefit to be derived from this project are numerous, the most important is that it create employment opportunity for young graduate, i.e. self- employment.





The design is expected to achieve the following objective

1)                  Production of popcorn in long scale.

2)                  Increase the efficiency of producing popcorn

3)                  Moderate the rotation of the stirrer by using the right motor.

4)                  To reduce the heat that will be lost by lagging the output.

5)                  To regulate the voltage used to produce popcorn.

6)                  Achieve proper utilization of the heat by using a good conduction as the pot e.g. Aluminum.

7)                  The use of wood as handle to effect easy conveying of the popcorn from the pot.

8)                  The presence of bulb to enhance production at night.


1.2              CONDITION FOR USE

The machine might be used under elevated temperature.

The machine should be stored after used in a clean and dry place.

Routines cleans would be necessary to avoid rusting of the pot.

The motor should service from time to time to maintain it efficiency.


1.3              CHARACTERISTIC

The machine should not be too heavy. The machine should not be too big to enhance effecting stirring. The distance between the pots should not be too large to reduce heat loss. Aluminum should be used for both the frame profile and the construction of the stirrer. Glass should be used to due the case because of the transparency.


1.4       APPEARANCE

The product should have a glistening appearance, which can attract the prospective consumers of the popcorn.

Reliability and Life

The expected useful life in normal circumstance should not be less than 10 years.


(1)               There was no conveyor that should remove the popcorn from the hot pot.

(2)               There was no time to indicate when the corn is fully popped.

(3)               There was no thermostat to regulate the temperature of the system.

(4)               There was noting like lagging to trap some of the heat.


1.5       PRECAUTION

Accident can be defined as an unexpected unplanned and unpredicted event, which could course loss of life, damage of properties and stoppage of work.

Safety can also be defined as freedom from accident.

The following precautions are put in place when operating the machine.

1.                  Touching of hot pot during processing is no advisable.

2.                  Line wire most not be touched with unprotected hands.

3.                  Broken glasses and frame should be properly disposed.



The diameters of the machine are as follows:

Length of Frame                                 510mm

Base                                                    510mm

Diameter of Bigger Pot           50mm

Diameter of Smaller Pot         45mm

Height of Frame                                  710mm

Volume                                   L x B x H

V                                             184671000




This is the method of heat transfer by which heat energy moves from a region of higher concentration of heat to that to lower concentration while the material or body in question remain at fixed point. Most metals allow heat energy to pass through them and are said to be good conductors of heat. Non-metals such as woods, cotton paper and cork do not allow heat to pass through them.  This one called bad conductors or insulators. Though all metals are classified as good conditions, they differ in their ability to conduct heat. In order word, they need material medium for their propagation.

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