Design and Implementation of an Internet Based Hostel Accommodation Allocation System

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Design and Implementation of an Internet Based Hostel Accommodation Allocation System


The internet provides resources sharing among thousands of networks for the reason this project works is presented to design and internet based hostel form where student can go and complete their hostel form for Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Mores also the literature review will be discussed which entails other exports who had contributed or threw more light about the important of an internet base hostel form. Apart from this the existing system will be studied in depth by over viewing the system, describing the system and evaluating the system and enumerating remedies for such system. After studying the existing system a new system will be designed. It is there that the four element of system design will be considered which are input, output, file and procedures. In addition tools for design will also be discussed and the development language will be discussed in details. The new system designed will be documented, tested and implemented to see if it met the set objective. The New System was developed using Microsoft ASP.NET and Sql Server.  .


Title Page———i




Abstract ———vi

Table of Content——–vii

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction ——-1

1.1 Statement of Problem——4

1.2 Purpose of the Study——5

1.3 Significance of Study——8

1.4 Limitation——–9

1.5 Scope of Study——-11

Chapter Two

2.0 Review of Related Literature —-12

2.6 Summary of Literature Review—- 19

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology and Procedure—22

3.1 Population ——–22

3.2 Sample and Sampling Technique—-22

3.3 Validation of the Instrument —-23

3.4 Reliability of the Instrument —–23

3.5 Data Analysis——-23

Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation and Discussion of Result—24

4.1 Analysis and interpretaion of Data—25

4.2 Discussion of Results——38

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation  –40

5.1 Summary——–40

5.2 Conclusion——–41

5.3 Recommendation——42

References ———45

Appendix 1——–47

Appendix ———50

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