Students Attitude Towards Sexuality Education In Egor Local Government Area Of Edo State

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This research work look at student’s attitude towards sexuality education among secondary school students. A survey design was used to collect data from the population and simple percentage was also used in analyzing the data. The study revealed that most parents, schools, are not giving their children the right knowledge of sex education. The following recommendations were made based on the research findings. Sex education should be offered in the school subject to enable the teachers and students attach more importance to it. The teaching of sex education as academy discipline should be limited by the three arms of government in Nigeria.   



CHAPTER ONE         

Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Scope of the study

Significance of question

Research question

Definition of terms



Review of related literature under the following sub-headings

–                     Sexuality Education among Religion

–                     The goals of Sexuality education

–                     Parental Role in sexuality Education for their Children

–                     Need for Sexuality Education

–                     Effect of Sexuality Education

–                     Summary of Review of related Literature




Research design

Population of the study

Sample and sampling techniques

Research instrument

Validity of instrument

Administration of instrument

Method of data analysis



Presentation and analysis of data












Sex means physical activity between people in which they touch each other sexual organs and which may include sexual intercourse. (Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary). While sexuality means the total behaviour or total expression of whom we are as human beings. Sexuality also encompass our total development i.e. our mental attitudes, values, physical appearance, beliefs, emotions, likes, dislikes, and all ways in which we have been socialized.


Sexuality education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitude and belief about sex, sexual identity relationship and intimacy. Students are so curious about themselves and all that affect their lives some times they ask certain questions about themselves which required parent’s response. They ask questions like where do babies form? Why is my breast getting bigger, why do I have hair in my private part among others. Questions based on what they watch, films television programme, magazines they read. Blanet (2001) state that it has now been realized that it is much better for young group and secondary school students to acknowledge the fact they have sexual desire and recognized that this is entire natural, any problem that emanate as a result can be dealt with more effective than when children are access to sex education and what it presents. Sex education affect inductile behaviour and help children, family to develop into effective family member respectively.


Sexuality education provide factual knowledge essential to the feature of anatomy and physiology of human and animals reproduction which every educated person should have sex education intimate and solidified pure health attitude towards sex and reproduction. According to American Committee (2000) once add that sexuality education, social economic are physiological phase of human relations, how they are affected by male and female relationship. It also emphasizes attitude development and related to association between the sexes. According to Herigard (1971) said that students that are teenagers pass through a period of stress and storm in education as their sexual urge is at strongest, the change from childhood to adult is an especially dangerous time in the life of students, who are teenagers. Sexuality education programmes to students create, productive and reproductive health issue for the society, pregnancy, childbirth, and sexually transmitted infection are major contributor to the attitude towards sexuality education programmes in the society. There are also strong effect of development, characteristics such as early puberty and high level of hormones (i.e. festoerme) which are associated with sexual behaviour, among students.


Sexuality education is a continuous process and as the children grows, they continue to receive messages about him to have appropriate behaviour and values, as they develop relationships, they watch their families and the social environment. They also learn about sexuality education from sources, outside their homes, friends, teachers, neighbours, television, radio, music, books, and magazines. Since the introduction of sexuality education into secondary school curriculum authors of most science text books have introduced the topic into their text books sometimes restricting it to the last chapter. Other writers are still skeptical about the topic and the need to include it in their books. If the aim of introducing the topic into school curriculum is to be achieved, all authors must include it, talk about it in their write ups. Readers who are mostly students should be made to get the right knowledge of sexuality education directly or indirectly through the books. Sexuality education is very important for virtually everyone. It is especially important for those in their secondary teenage years who become pregnant and deliver babies our of wedlock.



The teaching of sexuality education in our society is very important for both male and female students, but the topic have not been viewed from the right perspective as it ought to be in school cases of sexual experiment, free married sex, early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, distortion, abortion, and termination of unwanted pregnancies, distortion, about sex from parents, elders, brothers and sisters are begomcing so rampant among our female and male students in the secondary schools of study area in particular, and Edo State in general. Therefore, the problem of this study is how the researcher intends to inculcate the important of sexuality education programmes in secondary schools. With the inculcation of sexuality education, sexual activities among secondary school students are reduced in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.



The purpose of this study is to enlighten the students about the importance of sexuality education and improve on their moral and interact as useful citizens.



This research work is carried out to find the attitude of sexuality education among secondary school students. This work is only confined to the secondary school students in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State and it is only limited to them.



It is of great importance to note that at the end of this research work, various secondary schools, communities, town, states and Nigeria in general will find the result of this research work to be beneficial to a great extent. This research work would pay an essential ole in the standard of education and in the task of economies growth and development, the result from this research work will also provide to be aware of what role they must play in order to prevent their children from being engaged in sexual relationship the significance of this study is to reveal the depth at which sexual education have deep into the fabric of our secondary schools students most especially in Edo State to also discover the forms, causes, effect and consequences of sexual relationship.



The following research questions have been formulated to guide this study.

1.                 Why is sexuality education not effective in the school today?

2.                 Why are there unwanted pregnancies rampant in the communities these days?

3.                 Why is there ignorance of unprotected sex?

4.                 Is having sex in line with our moral value?



The following terms are defined as used in this study so as to enhance easy understanding and clarification.

Effect: Refers to physical activity between people in which they touch each other sexual organ, it also refers to the difference between male and females.

Anxious: Feeling worried of nervous about something.

Education: The systematic training and instruction, especially of young ones in schools, college etc.

Sexuality: The total behaviour or total expression of who we are as human being.

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