Drug Abuse And Its Health Implications Among Secondary School Teachers In Egor Local Government Area Of Edo State

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The purpose of the study is to look into drug abuse, its implication on teachers in some selected secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. In the light of the above topic or subject matter, attempts were made to find out the drugs commonly abused by teachers  and the reasons why they are abused. As a result, the following questions were asked as a basis for our finding.

1.What is drug abuse?

2.Why do you think children abuse drug?

3.What are some of the effects of drug abuse on the user?

4.How do drugs affect the performance of teachers in the classroom?

5.As teachers and parents, what steps have you taken in controlling drug abuse?

Literature was reviewed on the topic using relevant authors such as textbooks, journals and newspapers etc. Questionnaires were also made to collect vital information about the research study. Based on the findings, it was gathered that teachers who abuse drug do it because of friends, to make them bold.



Chapter One

Background of study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of study

Objective of the study

Significance of the study

Basic assumptions

Research questions


Scope of the study

Limitation of study

Definition of terms


Chapter Two

Literature review


Causes of drug abuse

Sociology of drug abuse

Effect of drug abuse


Chapter Three

Research Design and Methodology

Sample and sampling method

Problems encountered during the project

Method of data collection

Data analysis


Chapter Four 

Data analysis


Chapter Five




Suggestion and further research







A drug can be defined as any chemical solid, liquid or amorphous substance derived from plants, animals or mineral resources which is applied externally or internally to cause some desirable effects.

Also, drug can be defined as a substance which by its chemical nature has an effect to open the body of higher nervous system (the mind) the effect of drug could be positive or negative.

The effect of drugs has become endemic in our society to the extent that secondary school teachers have also indulged themselves in drug abuse because of peer group influence and also imitation of parents who are themselves drug addict or ex-addict. Teachers become stubborn or obstinate and also abuse their parents. They become unruly and recalcitrant as they grow in the society.

This has been in existence from time immemorial. Drug abuse ranges from taking of hard drug to alcohol many people make use of drug hence proliferation of drug abuse in its ramification. Drug are important to human being because they perform certain functions during medical treatment, these substances relieves inner feeling and anxiety or tension of the mind and body. The use of drugs has created complex problems to as many people who have abused the drug. The problem is ubiquitous.

The effect of drug abuse ranges from one state to another and from one country to another according to hospital records it is true. In Nigeria, the establishment of many breweries and pharmaceuticals firms has caused upsurge increased in the production of alcohol and drug. People abuse drugs to escape from their personal responsibilities and the stress of everyday life. Beside there are classifications of drugs for different motives the medical drugs are for pain relief antibiotic and curative types. The social drugs are used for social and religious purposes while no-medical drugs are neither medical or socio-cultural.



Drug abuse is a pandemic problem even on the increases in an alarming rate in Nigeria today. About two decades ago, incidence of drug trafficking in Nigeria was low and abuse was minimal, but today drug has destroyed and killed many people in the society. Teachers in our secondary schools are not left out in this act. In view of this, the research is embarked on to highlighting the i8lls of drug abuse.

Over the years, it has been observed that teachers from secondary schools in Egor local government area of Edo state are in the form of drug addiction or the other as well as being involved in drug abuse. This research is therefore designed to view immediate causes and health implication of drug abuse among teachers in some selected secondary schools in Egor.

The researcher hoped that this research work would help the teachers, school authorities and the society at large to minimize the use and effects of drugs in schools. Also, this study will encourage the government of Egor local government area to establish drug rehabilitation centres with the help of the ministry of health and drug inspection unit (DIU) to care for addicts.



The purpose of this study is to highlight the causes of drug abuse among teachers in some selected secondary schools in Egor local government area of Edo state by random sampling thus by taking from the beginning, middle and deep end of the local government. Although the4rer are books, magazines, articles and newspapers reports on drug abuse, no in-depth research has been conducted on the incidence of drug abuse in teachers and to recommend appropriate solutions to if possible. The researcher intends to engage the following:

a.    Find out the main causes of drug abuse on teachers.

b.    Determine the effects of these drugs on the teachers.

c.    Find out the influence of drugs on the teachers and the effect of drug abuse on the society.

d.    Find out the reasons why teachers abuse drugs.

e.    Find out the overall effects of the abuse of drugs on the teachers.

This study might also stimulate the researcher into areas of drug education or some aspects of drug use and abuse among teachers.



This study is aimedat investigating drug abuse and its health implication on teachers in secondary schools. The following therefore are some of the objectives at the end of the study.

1.    Teachers would be informed on the negative effects of drug use and abuse.

2.    Parents and teachers will be acquainted of their roles in curbing drug abuse from early childhood.

3.    More researchers will be encouraged to carryout research work on the causes of drug abuse and its remedy.

4.    Government will be able to make policies and laws that will prohibit the use of dangerous drugs.



The importance of this study is to provide resource materials for many that want to have deeper knowledge abou8t the causes, effect and control of drug abuse.

This research work will encourage organization like NAFDAC, NDLEA, health organizations like WHO, SHE and government parastatals to establish drug rehabilitation centres to help victims of drug abuse.

Moreso, the significance of this study is to outline its health implication amongst secondary school teachers, which will be centred on the following:

1.    To identify the causes of drug abuse among secondary school teachers.

2.    To help reduce the hazard of drug abuse to barest minimum and to enlighten the teachers on the health implication of drugs.

3.    To reduce the incidence of rape among secondary school teachers.

4.    To alert the government on how to control the abuse of drugs since the short term and long term effects are disastrous.



The following are the basic assumptions made by the researcher.

a)   That the habit of addicting to drugs begins from the environment the child grew up in.

b)   Teachers who use drugs are prone to disease attack.

c)   Teachers use drugs and abuse them because they are easily available.

d)   Use of drugs can lead to psychosis and premature death.



In the course of carrying out this research work, the research will attempt to proffer solutions to the following questions.

a)   What are the classes of drugs?

b)   What drugs are commonly abused by teachers?

c)   Why do teachers use drugs?

d)   What are the causes of drug abuse?

e)   What are the health implications of drugs abuse?



In order to achieve a purposeful result in this research, it is necessary to declare the following statements.

1.    Teachers engage in drug abuse in an attempt to cope with the opposite sex.

2.    Most teachers abuse drugs in order to gain absolute self confidence amongst fellow teachers in class.

3.    Drug abuse among teachers results from influence from friends and peer group pressure.

4.    Teachers who abuse drugs are sure to suffer from mental, psychological and emotional problems.



This study was carried out in some selected secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. The schools covered for this research include: Uselu secondary school, Eghosa grammar school all in Edo state. These schools were selected because of their past and present records of drug abuse.



Depressants: these are sleep inducing drugs and they are used to calm down anxiousness and restless subjects. The drugs include the barbiturates and non barbiturates such as the minor tranquilizers.

D.I.U: drug inspection unit.

Drug addict: this is drug addiction, in other words master to drugs.

Drug abuse: this is the administration or the use of drugs without prescription.

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