Socio-Economic And Technological Systems Of Modern Business And Their Effects On The Job Of The Secretary (A Case Study Of Nigeria Telecommunication Limited)

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This study examined the socio – economic and technological system of modern business and how they affect the job of the modern days secretaries in selected business organization using Nigerian Telecommunication, Enugu (NITEL) as a case study.
The population of study consisted of 26 secretaries who made up the sample.
Questionnaire was the main instrument used. Simple percentage was used for the data analysis. The findings revealed that: secretaries in modern business organization are affected positively and negatively by the new socio-economic and technological system. The functions of the secretaries are both secretarial and administrative functions more challenging than the traditional roles previously performed.
The findings further revealed that most secretaries found at difficult to adopt to the new system. Absed on the findings, it was recommended that all these could be remedied if adequate training and motivation should be given to secretaries.
Also, students should be exposed to the use of modern office equipment and that a national body should be established to register and regulate the practice of secretaryship in the country.
Title Page
Approval Sheet
Table Of Contents
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Chapter One
1:0 Background Information

1:1 Statement Of Problems
1:2 Objectives Of The Study
1:3 Objectives Of The Study
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Delimitations/Scope Of The Study
ReferencesChapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Background Of The Secretary
2.2 Functions Of The Secretary In Modern Organization
2.3 Socio-Economic Challenges
2.4 Technological Challenges

Chapter Three
3.0 Methodology

3.1 Design Of Study
3.2 Area Of Study
3.3 Population
3.4 Sample Size
3.5 Instrument For Data Collection
3.6 Validity Of The Instrument
3.7 Method Of Data Collection
3.8 Method Of Data Analysis

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation And Analysis Of Data

4.1 Research Questions
4.2 Discussion Of Findings

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary Of Findings, Conclusions And Recommendations Of The Findings

5.1 Conclusions
5.2 Recommendations
5.3 Implication Of The Study
5.4 Appendix One
Appendix Two
Sample Of Questionnaire


1.0 Background information:

The modern business organization is a highly complex affair and thus the function of the secretary is becoming more is a highly complex affair and thus the function of the secretary is becoming more challenging. Every business management aims at making profit and at the same time, strives to provide the needs of its employees.
The socio-economic and technological system of modern business has taken a new dimension. Thus could be attributed to challenges in the society. Thus, hails and Hubband (1977) said many organizations have changed their internal system to match changes in the environment.
Business managers have now employed means to create a better working relationship between their employee and themselves. Employees are motivated to increase productivity and ensure good working conditions. Humbly (1975) said that suceesful manamgent of change requires an understanding of humans motivation.
Hails and husband (1977) went further to say that every country must operate within an economic system that provides its citizens with necessary goods and services. To meet these needs modern business have adopted measures like: introduction of modern office equipment, performance appraisal, providing office security, training employees. Etc.
As the duties of the secretary is becoming more and more complex, it is imperative to tach not only skills and techniques necessary for these functions but also a more general training that would give the secretary the possibility of career development. Anyatonwu (N.d.) opined that, the role of the secretary in today’s business has assumed added dimensions and they are no longer limited to shorthand and typewriting to become secretary.
He further said that, secretary today cover many responsibility for which they are employed.
The social system of business organizations has also taken a new trend. Modern business satisfy the needs of their employees, which was not the case in the past. Hence, humble (1975) opined that considerations of adaptability and motivation are not as same believes it to be of mere academic interest but, now it is practical importance to business. He also said that, social responsibility is one of the key areas of business and that computer has added a new dimension to business and social activities.
Technological system can be conceived to be creative. To its creativity, Marvin and Mareia (1984) said that, “office automation should help to increase productivity, eliminate waste, and create new and more challenging jobs for those willing to adopt themselves to the new system.

1.1 Statement of problems
The modern business organisation is a highly complex affair and thus the function of the secretary is becoming more and more challenging, therefore, with this modernization, the secretary are faced with the following problems.
The business managers strive to maximize profit through the introduction of new economic system, thus, in modern business it is believed that office automation should help to increase productivity eliminate waste and create new and more challenging jobs for those willing to adapt themselves to the new system.
The technological innovation may affect the workplace of a secretary in several ways, one of which is to render skills and knowledge obsolete.
The change in the system of modern business organizations has made the job of the secretary more challenging. One must have an understanding of what one is supposed to do how to do it and various ways one can fail.
Again, the secretary who is not well trained and not well equipped may not be able to carry out her task effectively, socially, economically and technologically. To this effect, in discharging her functions, she may not get cooperations from her boss, colleagues or even outsiders.

1.2 Objectives of the study:
The major objectives of this study is to determine the socio-economic and technological system of modern business and how they affect the job of the secretary and also to determine the possible challenges faced by modern day secretaries and enlighten the secretary to move as the modern business moves by giving themselves, sound educational background, training and skills.
The study will help to:
i Identify the functions of the secretary in modern business
ii. Examine the socio-economic and technological system of modern business.
iii. Look into the possible challenges faced by the secretary
iv. Look into the level of adaptability of the secretary to this new trend in modern business.
v. Find possible solutions to the problem to enable secretaries fit in the new system.

1.3 Significance of study
This project is intended to educate professional secretary on possible ways which they can improve their skills in order to adapt to the new system.
To the would-be secretaries, this study will give them an insight into the new system of modern business organization so as to have foreknowledge of what would be required of them in the future. It will also prepare their mind for what they will be faced with in the business world.
To the business organization, this study will create an awareness of the implications of this new system to its productivity and profit so as to be able to modify the system to suit its employees.
To the institution, this study will create the need to include new courses into the school curricula so as to impart better knowledge on to introduce the use of modern office equipment and provide enough and well-equipped lecturers to handle the courses.

1.4 Research Questions
To direct the line of this study, the following research questions are asked:
1. Are the functions of modern day secretaries different from those of the past?
2. Are secretaries affected by the socio-economic and technological system?
3. Are there challenges posed to the secretary by the new socio-economic and technological syste?
4. Are there challenges posed to the secretary by the new socio-economic and technological system/
5. Are there possible solustions that will enable the secretary to fit in?

1.5 Limitation
this study is limited in its coverage because of time constraint. It would have been ideal to cover more than one business establishment in Enugu State. Time – constrained the researched in Enugu state. Time constrained the researched due to academic work that needed urgent attention.
Another constraint is finance, due to the economic situation of the country, the researcher, limited her study to the area mentioned.

1.6 Delimitation/ Scope of the study
This study focuses mainly on the effects of the new socio-economic and technological system. The investigation may not be exhaustive as it should be therefore, the researcher have limited herself to a selected business organization in Enugu state.

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