The Impact Of Human Relations On The Job Performance Of Secretaries In Financial Institutions (A Case Study Of Enugu Urban)

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            A lot of us after graduating from our schools of higher learning are still ignorant about what it takes to work with people in an organization nor so they posses any knowledge of psychology.

Most of the executives, especially the secretaries we are focusing our attention on, can recite a set of rules when asked how to handle a specific situation, but are at a loss when human relations function are relegated to the background, the effect on an organization will be counter productive especially if the staff do not know and follow the laid down procedures of human relations.

Therefore, this research paper will most importantly on how the secretary assumes her responsibilities in the office environment can apply human relation skills in working with subordinate and her boss, and also to achieve the desired objectives expected of her.

A good number of secretaries were interviewed with their bosses and subordinated and questionnaires were administered to them. This was to find out the impact of human relation functions on job performance of personal secretaries in financial institutions. The research was carried out in Enugu urban in Enugu state. The result was most successful in the sense that most secretaries and bosses interviewed agreed that it was an issue that required a lot of attention, especially in our institutions of higher learning.

            Although some people felt that the name secretary is out-dated and is such should be scrapped for something or a name more appropriate and as well should be accompanied with a higher profile job description and specification.


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              The purpose of the study

1.4              Significance of the study

1.5              Scope of the study

1.6              Research questions

CHAPTER TWO REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE2.1              Definition of human relation

2.2              Methodical approach to human relation

2.3              Summary

CHAPTER THREE3.1              Research methodology

3.2              Research design

3.3              Are of study

3.4              Population of the study

3.5              Sample

3.6              Sources of data

3.7              Development and administration of data

3.8              Research instrument

3.9              Procedure for the statistical

3.10          Analysis of data.

CHAPTER FOUR4.1              Analysis, Findings, and Interpretation of data

CHAPTER FIVE5.1              Summary of findings

5.2              Conclusion

5.3              Recommendation







One of the basic problems in the society si just how workers should be motivated to achieve the goals in our industries. It is not an easy thing to go by since a little percentage of workers derive slight personal satisfaction from the jobs and enjoy little sense of accomplishment or creativity

This is why Carvel F.J in his book “Human Relation in Business” stated that in “Large organization people work together, follows instructions and order they do not understand” just few workers have the opportunity of self-expression or freedom. Then the question remains, how could this employees satisfy their personal need and that of the organization they are working with.

          How can the secretary motivate workers at all levels of the organization? This was the saying of those who are old in the profession but to the way they view it, as frustrating and unrewarding. The young workers who faces the prospects of going to work with great fear of uncertainty (lack of understanding as regard to the new job or even inexperienced ones, need to develop their behavior which will help them adopt to the conditions of the job)

The best approach for a secretary to apply is the scientific and methodological system of human relations to achieve the desired goals and objectives of her organization. It is quite obvious that human relations deals with the interaction of a wide range of circumstances and of course social setting but I am going to limit this to the office conditions especially in financial institutions.

Carvel F.J (1977) say “That human relations can be pleasant and rewarding” the relationship between a secretary and co-worker, the boss and others even customers in her working environment should be very cordial in her day to day dealings. This he said will be compared with that of husband and wife, lecturers and students parents and their children.

Human relations is vital because it creates avenue for people to interact with both in offices and other parastatals because it has an influence over the nature and manner with which individual work out solutions to the problems in which they are confronted with.

The secretary with his or her psychological skills is also expected to understand different moods of co-workers, customers, the work conditions and how to arrest difficult situations in the office, how to get the best from his present group and how to take care of unexpected situation successfully.


For a good number of reasons, secretaries in some of our financial institutions have been finding it very difficult to cope with the performance of their function as it regards to human relations. This has generated a lot of problems for secretaries.

Some of the situations are witnessed when an intolerant boss makes a mistake in the course of his duties with the secretary, but fails to admit such mistakes, rather he costs the blames on the secretary.

Struggling to meet up with the demands of these disgust executives as well as maintaining a good relationship with each other and at the same time keeping up with the demands of the job is stressful to the secretary.

Again lack of fact in performing official duties by the secretary constitute a very big problem, for instance when answering phone calls, secretaries with poor relationship radiate this attitude to phone callers.

This equally applied when handling clients affairs, because some secretaries by their positions in financial institution do not take cognizance of the client due to inefficiency in their job.

In that regards Carvel F.J (1972) say “That a problems arises when the boss finds the secretary sexually attractive. This he says creates room for insolent secretary and an awkward office relationship now prevails.

In this regard the researcher will try to find the solutions to these problems as it affects the secretary.


The purpose of this study is to

  1. Highlights the fact that every one in the course of work comes in close contact with people.
  2. Understand the meaning of work and its impact on people
  3. Understand the background and development of human relations.
  4. Understand the impact of human relations function on job efficiency
  5. Understand the role of secretaries in organization development.


The study of the impact of human relation functions on job performance of secretaries in financial institutions is such that would have taken the researcher to different parts of the country.

But as a result of financial problems and time factor the researcher decided to ,limit the study to Enugu Urban.


The significance of this study will be of tremendous aid to various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, to know the importance of human relations in organizations. This will go a long way to propelling the various business organizations in the country to appreciate the need for effective training of secretaries and staff on human relations.

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