The Impact Of The “Internet On Secretarial Profession

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The whole universe include our country, are so much on the brink of this immense technology. It has gotten a far reaching effect on almost all human endeavour.

Most people understood what impact, the modern technology, (INTERNET) is playing to address the issue of performance on the secretarial profession in this new era.

Truly, most learned and talented scholars have commented so much on this topic. But the researchers of this project work, have tried to portray in a special way, the impact of the internet with regards to the performance of the secretarial profession.

The internet is a specific collaboration of independently managed networks that allow its users at disparate heterogeneous computer net works to communicate with each other across organization and geographical boundaries. Its main function in any social system may be identified as information, education, entertainers, integration, discussion and communication. Therefore, the internet as a super high way in collecting and accessing of information, has been arouse to perform all these immeasurable impact for the rest of the world.

            To be precise, one cannot talk about information and access, without making regular reference to the information technologies and its convergence, that is the internet. This information and communication technologies are rapidly changing the ways are work and live, most especially with regards to the way the office is been handled. We see a world of networks that is bringing new opportunities and options to people at work, at home and on the more directly stating how our society live, work, play, learn and how the involves.

In secretarial profession, information and communication are the very essence, and that is what internet is all about. Information values are been derive from an entity whom data is assign to it, therefore, becomes a commodity and indeed the lifeblood of every activity that is performed in an organization.

Stressing more on the meaning of the internet and how it works, the April 10, 2002, issue of “Awake” magazine describe the internet as a global collection of many different types of computers and computer networks that are linked together. The question now is, how far can this form of inexhaustible, resource carry the users with special internet in the secretarial profession.

More over, in this profession, people who are more acquainted and conversant with the services that the personal computer renders, will no doubt, find the internet fascinating jobs made easy and enjoyable. And people who are financial incapacitated and are unable to acquire this precious super high way information gathers what risk are involved, whoa re supposed to use this inexhaustible resource?

The aim of this study is to know more in the impact of internet on information and communication in secretarial profession.


Generally, people think that the internet has no impact on secretarial profession, it is also their believe that secretaries have no need for the internet at all, rather, they say that secretaries prefer using typewriter in carrying out their duties their than the internet that secretaries including internet in their profession, makes their works to be hectic. In view of this, so many scholars have the same opinion that internet is of no use to secretarial profession. According to Plato, the internet is used by high senior officials and those trained personnel and as much, secretaries do not fit into that cadre. While Ford Walter, in his own stressed that the primary duties of a secretary is to note down the minutes of meetings, take down records and as well carrying out orders from the authorities and it involves the use of the typewriter”. Also, this was design to know, whether internet facilities is a monotonous task to secretaries and whether it is of any impact to individual secretaries and their lives.

For this and many more reasons, we have decided to look into this and carry out a research work to find out whether it is true that this internet is of no importance to secretarial profession, and as well find out the actual impact the internet has to secretarial profession.


In view of the above problems earlier stated, this research work is therefore designed as follows:

(a)                To look and find out the impact of internet in the secretarial profession.

(b)               To ascertain if there are problems being caused by the internet in secretarial profession.

(c)                To know actual, impact of the internet in the lives of individual secretaries.

(d)               To ascertain if the use of internet facilities is a monotonous task to the secretary.

(e)                To provide remedies and solution to such problems.


The geographical area covered by the researchers is Enugu metropolis. Some selected Banks in Enugu State are used as samples in which judging the impact  of the internet to the secretarial profession, will be based.


(a)                What are the effect of internet on the secretarial profession in Enugu metropolis?

(b)               What are the problems encountered by the secretaries in using internet facilities?

(c)                Does frequent task of operating a computer everyday become bore to the secretary?

(d)               What are the impact of internet to a secretary?

(e)                How can all these problems be solved?


It is important that secretaries should at times take critical look outside their private area of concentration and state the interest system of improving the techniques of their field of specialization.

This study is not only imperative to the secretaries, but will also serve as a green light to the entertainment world, education, communication and media practitioners, on how to restructure their programmes to suit their receiving audience.

It will moreover, help the secretary to be abreast with the events taking place within and outside the country.

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